Tips for a 'dry' Super Bowl Sunday

If you're facing a DUI charge, you may have decided -- as many people do -- that this was your wake-up call to stop drinking. Maybe you first committed to "Dry January" and have decided to keep going. However, one of the biggest challenges to many Americans' sobriety is Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you go to a friend's house or join a gathering at a local bar or restaurant, you know that alcohol will be everywhere.

Even if you've lost your driver's license for a time and won't be behind the wheel, you've made the commitment not to drink. If you've gotten your license back, you definitely don't want to risk another DUI. Either way, you've made a promise (to yourself and/or others) not to drink on Super Bowl Sunday.

So, how do you keep that commitment? Here are some tips.

First, be aware of what your triggers are, and avoid them. If you know that being around alcohol is going to be a problem, don't do it. Not everyone watches the game -- especially when their team isn't in it. There are plenty of other things to do. Go to the gym, see a movie, go out to dinner or get a jump on your taxes.

If you really want to watch the game, invite over some friends who won't mind a nice selection of nonalcoholic beverages and good food. However, it may be a good idea to avoid watching the commercials. There will be a huge number of ads with people enjoying beer and stronger beverages -- without experiencing any of the consequences.

If some foods are triggering, stay away from those, too. If you've never had pizza without beer or chips and salsa without tequila, stick with healthier snacks like veggies and dip or finger sandwiches.

If you've developed some new routines since you stopped drinking, don't neglect those. Whether it's going for a morning run or meditating, start your day out as you normally would, and commit to ending it as you usually do -- maybe with a long walk with your dog or a few chapters of a book.

If you're dealing with a DUI, don't do it alone. An experienced attorney can provide valuable guidance to help you put this behind you as quickly as possible.

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