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Law enforcement officer arrested for DUI after traffic stop

The roads in Cumming and throughout Georgia can be dangerous. One known risk is encountering a driver who is under the influence. With that, law enforcement is constantly on the lookout for drivers who exhibit signs of committing DUI or are in locations where it is believed that people might have been drinking. Although DUI are serious, it does not necessarily mean that everyone who is stopped and arrested for it is guilty. Nor does it mean that the traffic stop was made according to legal protocol. Those who are arrested for DUI must remember their rights. This even applies to people who work in law enforcement and find themselves facing DUI charges.

A local police chief was arrested for DUI after a traffic stop. The chief, 35, also had an open container of beer in his vehicle. The incident happened at approximately 11 p.m. when a state trooper pulled the man's car over. When he investigated, he saw the open can of beer. He also stated that he smelled alcohol. The man stated that he had six cans of beer in the previous two hours. The trooper stated that the man's speech was slurred. He was given two parts of a field sobriety tests and failed. When asked to give a blood sample, he refused. He was arrested. The next day, he was suspended from his position as police chief. The investigation is continuing.

When does a theft jump to being robbery?

When an individual is accused of stealing from someone, many things can have a very big impact on his or her situation. This includes whether the allegations are such that they could lead to robbery charges, rather than just standard theft charges.

When does theft rise to the level of being robbery in Georgia? Under state law, it generally does if the theft was directly off of someone's person (or that person's immediate presence) and involved one of three things: a sudden snatching, force or threatening conduct or statements.

Deadly car accident sparks police investigation

A woman lost her life two days before Christmas when she was involved in a tragic accident. She was a passenger in the car that crashed.

According to reports, the incident happened around 1:50 a.m. on Dec. 23, 2018. A 35-year-old man was behind the wheel of an Infiniti QX56, which is a luxury vehicle. In the passenger seat was a woman whose age was not reported. They have different last names and the relationship between the two is unclear.

What's the benefit of an ignition interlock device?

Ignition interlock devices are costly and intrusive, but they are an effective way to work around a license suspension and get back on the road after a DUI arrest in Georgia.

The device itself is simple: Installed in the driver's compartment of your car, a driver must blow into the machine. If the device senses alcohol on your breath, the car's ignition won't engage. It also requires breath tests periodically while the car is engaged - if it senses alcohol, the car won't stop immediately but you won't be able to start it again once you've stopped.

High school track star dies in car accident

A high school track star has passed away in Georgia after he was involved in a car accident. He was a passenger in the car, riding in the front seat. The police are still carrying out the investigation, but they think it is likely that they will have criminal charges for the driver of that car when all is said and done.

The young man in question went to Creekview High School, which is located over in Canton, Georgia. He was a senior at the school, and he was 17 years old when he passed away.

Hundreds face DUI arrests on Thanksgiving weekend

The holidays usually see a spike in drunk driving arrests, especially around Thanksgiving. This year was no exception. In Georgia, hundreds of people got arrested on suspicion that they were driving under the influence.

Per the Georgia State Patrol, 15 people passed away in car accidents over the holiday weekend, and more than 300 people got arrested. All of that happened in just 102 hours, meaning there were roughly three arrests per hour, on average, for the entire time from the evening on Wednesday to Sunday night. The authorities also responded to a total of 610 crashes. In addition to the fatalities, they reported 242 injuries.

UPS truck strikes minivan in fatal accident

A woman from Georgia was riding in a minivan as a passenger when the van was involved in a devastating accident. It all started when a tree fell onto the interstate. In an attempt to miss the tree, the van's driver slowed down abruptly.

Behind the van was a tractor-trailer being driven for UPS. The huge truck could not stop fast enough to avoid an accident and slammed into the back of the van. The impact smashed the van up against the guardrail.

A deadly misdiagnosis: What's next?

When people think of deadly medical mistakes, they often think of active errors like making a mistake during surgery that causes a patient to suffer from excessive blood loss. These types of mistakes absolutely do happen, and they can be deadly. However, lethal medical mistakes are not confined to these types of errors.

For instance, a doctor could make a rather passive mistake, like misdiagnosing a condition. That's a potentially serious error that could lead to the patient's death, even though the doctor never actively treated the patient. Sometimes, it is the omission of proper care that is the issue.

Police car involved in deadly, fiery accident

A car accident in Georgia left vehicles in flames and wreckage all over the road. It also left two people dead in the wake of the tragic crash.

Though the investigation is still going on, early reports show that one of the cars in the wreck was a police squad car. It was registered with the City of South Fulton Police Department.

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