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Teens charged with theft after multi-county car chase

Parents of Cumming area teens know their children don't always make good decisions. Whether peer pressure, boredom, or some other factor, teens can engage in bad behavior. Sometimes this bad behavior can actually be illegal, resulting in teens facing theft charges that can affect them for the rest of their lives.

Five teens were recently arrested after a car chase that went through Cherokee, Forsyth and Fulton counties. The teens allegedly broke into several vehicles in the Evans Farms subdivision and stole a number of vehicles. One of the vehicles was stopped using a spike strip and another was finally forced to stop at an intersection in Roswell. In total, there were two 18 year olds, a 17 year old, a 15 year old and a 13 year old were arrested. The 13 and 15 year old are being held in a youth detention center while the other three have been charged with 38 counts of theft entering autos, two counts of theft by receiving stolen property, burglary, theft by receiving a stolen motor vehicle, and other charges.

What if you are charged with a fourth DUI in Georgia?

Georgia residents who have been arrested and convicted for driving under the influence might find themselves facing the same charges again in the future. For those who have been convicted three or more times, a fourth or subsequent DUI charge and conviction will have harsher penalties than the previous incidents. While no one should get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or using drugs, that does not mean that there should be an automatic conviction with the most severe penalties dispensed.

If the person is charged with a fourth or subsequent DUI within 10 years of the prior charges and there were convictions or nolo contendere as a resolution for those charges, there will be a variety of penalties for the latest charge if there is a conviction. There will be a fine of at least $1,000 and a maximum fine of $5,000. The person will be imprisoned for at least one year and up to five years. The jail term can be suspended or the person can be put on probation and get 90 days.

Teen arrested for car theft after allegedly taking rental vehicle

In Forsyth County and across Georgia, theft is a serious offense. This is especially true if it is car theft. Sometimes, these charges are brought against juveniles. Regardless of the reason they occur, it is imperative to understand the long-term consequences that anyone - even teens - can face if they are convicted and penalized for stealing a motor vehicle.

According to recent reports, a teen was accused and charged with stealing a man's rental vehicle, a 2019 Ford Taurus. The suspect is 15-years-old. The vehicle theft incident occurred at approximately 9:45 p.m. The suspect was arrested on separate charges and later accused of the vehicle theft. He is charged as a juvenile. The accusations include hijacking a vehicle and aggravated assault. When the man told law enforcement that the vehicle was stolen, he said there were two people who committed the act. A second teen was found, but he was not accused of taking part in the theft.

The right approach when you are facing domestic violence charges

Domestic violence could occur in any family regardless of circumstances. But, many times it occurs because of communication issues between two people. Even if a person doesn't file charges, a person can still face domestic violence charges. These can, unfortunately, come with significant penalties in Georgia.

Domestic violence law in Georgia protects a person against physical, sexual and emotional abuse. If a person has been arrested for domestic violence, that person can face a family law protective order. A protective order contains many stipulations, including staying away from the victim, being forced to move out of the family home or forcing the defendant to find alternative housing for the spouse and children, paying temporary child support and counseling, among others. If this protective order is violated, defendants can find themselves in jail and charged with a separate crime.

Man faces drug charges and more after allegedly eating marijuana

Georgia law enforcement officials are vigilant in trying to catch drivers who might be under the influence. They will establish checkpoints on a periodic basis. In many cases, they will stop a driver who is driving after drinking alcohol. In others, the driver might have been using drugs. Frequently, there will be other violations found as the investigation commences. And, after a traffic stop and arrest for a driver operating a vehicle after using marijuana, if there is a weapon found, the charges and penalties can be worse.

According to recent reports, a police checkpoint led to a man being arrested on several felony charges. According to law enforcement officials, the 26-year-old was subjected to a traffic stop. As officers spoke to him, they allegedly smelled marijuana. The driver reportedly seemed to be disoriented. The man allegedly admitted to having marijuana in his bag and there was a gun next to him, according to the reports. Officers searched the vehicle and reportedly found vaping cartridges derived from cannabis, but did not find marijuana. When the man was asked to open his mouth, they found evidence that he had ingested the drug. The driver allegedly said he was smoking it and ate it when he spotted the checkpoint. He is now charged with misdemeanor DUI for drugs and felonies for the other charges.

Two teens face theft charges for stealing cars and more

Theft charges can lead to severe consequences in Georgia, regardless of a person's age or circumstances. For younger people, these allegations can cause lifelong problems. Not only will it have an impact on their immediate future with school and entering the workforce, but it can hover over them for the rest of their lives. For those under 18 years of age or who have just turned 18-years-old, it is imperative to consider the future and attempt to avoid the harshest penalties when an arrest is made for theft and other criminal acts.

According to recent reports, two teens, ages 17 and 18, are facing multiple theft charges after a police pursuit and an arrest. In Forsyth County, there has been a problem with car theft and other items being stolen and law enforcement was vigilant about suspicious behavior. The incident began at around 3:30 a.m. when law enforcement spotted two vehicles following one another. One, a 2018 Mercedes GLC and the other, a 2016 Ford Explorer, fled as a law enforcement vehicle got behind them. Other cruisers were stationed nearby and they pursued. The Ford was stopped in one location. The Mercedes was stopped when it ran over a spike strip not far away from the Ford.

Teen arrested after allegedly stealing beer

Parents of teens in Forsyth County understand that sometimes their teens don't make the best decisions. Teens are often testing the limits in many ways. When teens make bad decisions, such as theft, there can be consequences that affect the teen for many years.

According to reports, a teen in Forsyth County has been arrested after he allegedly recently smashed through a gas station window and stole beer. Early the next morning the gas station reported that their front window was broken. When officers arrived, they found the broken window, a hammer and blood on both. Security footage showed a teen breaking the window and then taking beer out of the cooler and placing it in his backpack. Sheriff deputies found the suspect near McGinnis Ferry Road and Settles Walk Lane bleeding from his hand. The 18-year-old was arrested and is facing three felonies, including burglary, possession of a knife and obstruction of law enforcement officers. He was reportedly found with two packs of beer that was worth around $25.

Man arrested for domestic violence after fight with disabled wife

There is no doubt that domestic violence allegations can lead to a slew of negative consequences. Not only can these allegations result in an arrest and conviction, with fines and a criminal record, but it will also result in disfavor in the community. People could be forced to leave their home and find another place to live. They might be obligated to stay away from the alleged victim of the abuse. Although these charges are serious, that does not mean that a person who was charged should simply accept the allegations and the penalties without formulating a strong legal defense. This could be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

According to recent reports, a 61-year-old man was arrested for domestic violence after an incident with his disabled wife. Law enforcement officials were called at approximately 10 p.m. According to the investigation, the man allegedly punched his wheelchair-bound wife in the face. The woman, 66, was taken to the hospital with a broken nose. She was in bed at the time. The extent of her injuries was unknown. The man was accused of being extremely drunk when this occurred. It is not known what sparked the altercation. The man faces charges of cruelty to an elderly person and aggravated battery. These are felony charges.

What is the Georgia law for theft by extortion?

In Georgia, being arrested for theft is not limited to accusations of taking something that belongs to another person. There are many aspects of a theft charge and people who are arrested are frequently unaware that they violated a law or that the penalties can be just as severe or worse than for allegations of taking something from a store or from another person. One level of theft that should be understood is theft by extortion.

When there is a charge of theft by extortion, the person will have been accused of: issuing a threat to inflict bodily harm on another person or to commit another kind of criminal offense; accuse another person of committing a criminal offense; give information that will negatively impact a person with hate, contempt, mocking or to damage their business image or credit; withholding action or acting while serving as a public official or lead an official to do so; spark a boycott, a strike or other unofficial and collective act if there is a demand for property or receiving of property for the group is not acceded to; or give testimony or fail to testify regarding information of another person who has made a legal claim or is proffering a defense.

Far-reaching penalties for DUI in Georgia

You may be among the many in Georgia who pay little attention to the changing laws related to drunk driving. After all, if you know your limits and never get behind the wheel when you feel like you've had too much to drink, you may never expect to have to deal with the legal consequences of a drunk driving arrest or conviction.

Unfortunately, few people really understand how alcohol truly affects their driving abilities. Cocktails with friends or a few drinks with colleagues may result in a blood alcohol concentration at or above the legal limit of .08. Even if your BAC is not over the legal limit, law enforcement may determine you are impaired, and then you may have a difficult time ahead.

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