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Do not downplay the need for legal help when charged with theft

People in Cumming and across Georgia are aware of the connotations of being accused of theft. Not only can it result in jail time, fines and other penalties, but it will inevitably cast the person in a negative light with the family and in the community. Being accused of theft is never a positive, but it is smart to understand that regardless of the circumstances, there are many viable strategies to defend against the allegations. Before doing or saying anything that could make the situation worse, calling for legal help is critical.

There are many ways in which a person can be charged with theft. It could be for something small like shoplifting, or it could extend to motor vehicles and even robbing banks. There are other aspects of theft that people might not consider such as receiving property that had been stolen in another state, extorting others for money or services, deceiving others and taking their property, and taking property that had been lost or misplaced.

What to do when facing a divorce and domestic violence charges

All married couples fight at some time or another. There will always be something for a couple to argue over, whether it be financial matters, the children, house projects, etc. Sometimes these fights can become physical or the police may be called to the home because someone is feeling threatened. In these cases it can be important for the defendant to understand how a domestic violence conviction can affect divorce proceedings.

When a couple argues a lot and these arguments are heated and emotional a divorce may be imminent. Arguments can sometimes lead to allegations of domestic violence. Whether a spouse calls the police or neighbors or friends call the police, the authorities can visit the couple and investigate the circumstances surrounding the domestic violence allegations. At this point a person may be facing domestic violence charges which are often serious. If a divorce is to take place between the couple the domestic violence charge can be taken negatively by the court and affect future agreements regarding child custody, child support, property division and spousal support.

Two men arrested on drug charges for LSD and MDMA in Georgia

Harsh penalties can be assessed against those confronted with drug charges in Georgia. In some cases, the person charged is underage and only possesses a small quantity of drugs. In others, the charges are against adults alleged to have been selling or trafficking drugs. Regardless, there can be major problems with a drug conviction. Those who are arrested for drug charges should make certain they have a strong defense.

A task force investigation led to the arrests of two men. Officers stated that the men had LSD and MDMA (also referred to as ecstasy or Molly). One man was charged with drug trafficking and obstruction; the other was charged with possession of a firearm while a felony was being committed, as well as drug distribution and possession charges.

Georgia teen accused of DUI after passing out behind wheel

Driving under the influence is a serious charge in Georgia regardless of a person's age. When it is a teen who is facing a DUI charge, it can have a major impact on his or her life in the present and future. While it is understandable that teens will make mistakes, law enforcement and prosecutors do not treat a DUI lightly. The penalties that accompany a conviction can be severe and life-changing. The parents and the teen must think about how to approach the situation with assistance from an experienced DUI lawyer.

A 17-year-old male was arrested after he was found passed out in his vehicle. Law enforcement was contacted about a vehicle sitting in the middle of the road. When they arrived, they found a Ford F-150 with the driver sleeping while behind the wheel. He was leaning over onto the passenger side. The vehicle was in drive. The deputy attempted to wake him. After trying several times, the teen eventually woke up. He had bloodshot eyes and was slurring his words. He asserted the vehicle was not sitting in the middle of the road. He was given field sobriety tests and performed poorly. When he was tested to determine his blood alcohol concentration, it registered 0.84. He was charged with underage drinking, DUI and other charges.

Teenagers facing drug charges may receive serious penalties

As many parents of teenagers know, their children often get into trouble that they should know better about. Teenagers are notorious about doing things that are a bad idea, taking risks and often engaging in illegal activities. Teenagers like to experiment, and many try drugs and alcohol. Sometimes teenagers get in over their heads in a drug situation with drug charges and parents are left wondering what they can do.

Most minors have little experience with the criminal justice system. When a minor is facing drug charges, they don't know what to do. Teenagers who are facing drug possession charges need to know that they may also be facing serious penalties. Penalties for minors charged with drug possession include up to one year of jail and $1,000 in fines for possessing less than an ounce of marijuana. If a teen has more than an ounce of marijuana it is considered a felony and they can face up to 10 years in jail. Other drugs that are Schedule I or Schedule II have a prison term of potentially two to 15 years. In addition, if the teen was arrested near a school or playground, the penalties are even more serious.

Were you falsely accused of domestic violence during divorce?

Going through divorce causes a number of upheavals. While some complications are common, your life could become even more tumultuous if you also face criminal charges during this time. You may think that such a combination of events would not take place, but it could happen if your spouse filed false claims against you.

Unfortunately, people do stoop to such unscrupulous lows, and you could quickly find yourself in need of a criminal defense. On top of everything else going on with your divorce, you may feel completely overwhelmed, but fortunately, you do not have to go through any legal proceedings without help.

What can lead to drug charges for a drug related object?

In Georgia, people can face drug charges for a variety of offenses. Of course, possessing, transporting, purchasing, selling or manufacturing drugs will lead to an arrest and criminal charges. However, there are other issues related to drugs that can result in being charged. To use many drugs, there are certain objects that are needed or help with administering and ingesting them. These can also be called drug paraphernalia. Possessing, making or selling drug related objects can also spark charges against a person. Understanding the law with these objects is a critical part of a successful legal defense.

A drug related object is a device, object or instrument that is used or promoted as being useful to do certain things with drugs. People can use these items to inhale, ingest or introduce marijuana and other controlled substances into the body. They can use them as a testing device to assess the effectiveness of marijuana and other controlled substances. The purity, effectiveness and strength of the marijuana or controlled substance can be completed with these items. These products are also used to conceal the amount of marijuana or any controlled substance that is present. It can hold or contain marijuana or a controlled substance when it is being used by the person who is ingesting the drugs.

Large amount of marijuana discovered in Buford

Most Cumming area residents understand that drug charges in Georgia often carry serious consequences. When a person is arrested for a drug charge, they may feel helpless as to what their next move should be. No matter what the drug is, the authorities in Georgia tend to heavily prosecute drug offenders.

Four people were recently arrested after authorities discovered a large amount of marijuana in a residence in Buford. A search warrant was executed on a home where authorities discovered hundreds of pounds of marijuana along with 253 marijuana plants. Authorities also seizes scales, packaging materials and some cash. Officers believe the street value of the marijuana may exceed $700,000. The four people arrested have been charged with manufacturing and possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute.

Man faces DUI charges after hit-and-run crash

Being charged with driving under the influence in Georgia carries with it serious consequences if there is a conviction. People's lives can be turned upside down because of a DUI charge and it is made worse when there are other allegations that accompany it. If a person is in a motor vehicle accident in which others are injured and then flees the scene, there will be a serious set of charges lodged. Regardless of the circumstances, those who are accused of these acts must remember that they have rights and contact a law firm that specializes in DUI and criminal defense.

A two-vehicle crash led to a 56-year-old man's arrest. The accident happened in the evening at around 9 p.m. According to the investigation, the man was driving a 2004 Cadillac CTS. He ran a stop sign and hit another vehicle, a 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser. The second vehicle was T-boned. The Cruiser ran on the sidewalk. The people inside, a 43-year-old woman and a 37-year-old man, were freed from the vehicle by emergency responders. They were taken to the hospital for their injuries.

What if I am charged with theft by shoplifting in Georgia?

While it might not be viewed in the same context as auto theft, burglary and other charges related to stealing in Georgia, shoplifting can have significant consequences if a person is arrested and convicted. This is a major concern for anyone, but it is particularly worrisome for parents of juveniles who might have taken part in shoplifting for a variety of reasons and are now dealing with charges of theft and damage to their future. Understanding the law for shoplifting and seeking legal advice is critical after an arrest.

If a person takes property belonging to another without permission or without paying for it, it is theft. Shoplifting happens when someone individually or with the assistance of another intends to take merchandise to use and does not pay for it. The following will be considered shoplifting: concealing or taking possession of items or property from a retail establishment or store; changing a price tag or other markings that denote price in a retail establishment or store; transferring the items from one container to a separate container; interchanging labels or price tags from one item to another; or causing the amount that is paid to be less than the intended amount from the retailer.

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