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Four people face drug charges after arrest at Cumming hotel

Law enforcement in Cumming and throughout Georgia does its best to arrest people who are allegedly involved in drugs. That can include trafficking, distributing, low-level sales and possession. Any of these drug charges can yield various penalties if there is a conviction. Often, people are dealing with addiction issues and need treatment rather than incarceration. Regardless of the circumstances, facing allegations of drug violations can be worrisome and having legal advice to fight the charges is crucial.

Four people are facing drug charges related to heroin and methamphetamine after police received a tip. A hotel was placed under surveillance after police were informed that drug dealing was taking place there. The people who were arrested were said to have taken two rooms and were selling the drugs from them. When law enforcement had sufficient information to make an arrest, they moved in.

Four hotel guests arrested on drug charges

Forsyth County residents who are facing drug charges should understand how serious of a situation this can be. Drug charges are heavily prosecuted crimes that can lead to serious consequences. Four people are now facing drug charges for several drug crimes.

Four guests of the InTown Suites Extended Stay in Cumming were recently arrested on a myriad of drug charges. The Forsyth County Drug Task Force received a tip that there appeared to be drug activity taking place at the hotel. The drug task force surveyed the location and believed to observe suspicious activity. They allegedly saw a lot of foot and car traffic outside one of the rooms. The officers arrested four of the guests. They have been charged with possession of a schedule II substance with intent to distribute, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, possession of heroin, sale of dangerous drugs, among other drug-related crimes.

Shoplifting and its penalties

Being charged with shoplifting in Georgia might not sound serious on the surface. However, it is important to know that shoplifting is classified as theft and there are various penalties, depending on the value of what was taken. Understanding what constitutes shoplifting is imperative when planning a defense. A law firm that helps people confronted with theft charges is also critical.

There are different penalties depending on the number of times a person has been convicted and the value of the items taken. When the value of the item taken is $500 or less, the charge will be a misdemeanor. If the person is facing a second offense of shoplifting with the first having been a felony or misdemeanor, there will be a fine of at least $500.

Man faces drug charges after meth found in septic system

Law enforcement in Forsyth County and throughout Georgia will go to great lengths to find drugs if they believe a person has committed drug crimes. When conducting searches, it is important that law enforcement adhere to the proper protocol so the evidence is not tainted.

A man who was under investigation for drugs was arrested and charged after law enforcement searched his septic tank and found methamphetamine he is alleged to have flushed down the toilet. Officers had entered the man's home to conduct a search and believed that the man was trying to dispose of evidence in the case. Officers said they heard the toilet flushing many times. They found the man at the door of the bathroom. Although they did not find any drugs at that time, the 38-year-old man was arrested. They subsequently contacted an outside company to check the man's septic tank and found methamphetamine in a bag. The man and a 39-year-old woman were arrested on a series of drug charges.

When can I plead nolo contendere to DUI charges?

Georgia residents of any age are bound to make mistakes in many aspects of life and driving errors is one that arises frequently. For people who are accused of driving under the influence, a conviction can upend their lives in many ways. While it is never a wise decision to get behind the wheel under the influence and there is a chance that the person was not guilty, it is important to think about alternatives when addressing the case to achieve a desirable result and get it behind them.

The law allows a plea of nolo contendere to a DUI charge under certain circumstances. It means that the person is not contesting the allegations, but does not admit guilt. Knowing whether to accept such an offer is key and requires legal help. When charged with DUI, the judge has the discretion to accept a nolo contendere plea. If there was no previous DUI conviction within the past five years, there can be a nolo contendere. The person will be required to take part in 40 hours of community service unless they had a blood-alcohol concentration of less than 0.08 in which case it will be 20 hours. There are, however, situations where this plea will not be accepted unless certain conditions are met.

Don't make a mistake if your teen is facing drug charges

Forsyth County parents understand that their kids don't always make the best decisions. Kids can get themselves into situations that are over their head. Teens do not have the mental maturity to always do what they are supposed to do and can wind up in a legal situation where they don't know what to do. Parents who have teenagers who are facing a serious situation like drug charges need to know there are mistakes they should avoid.

Parents who have a teenager who has been arrested on drug charges are usually furious at their child for getting into this situation in the first place. Once parents get over this initial anger, they need to understand their next steps are incredibly important. Parents and their teens should not talk to law enforcement officers without an attorney present. A teenager may accidentally incriminate themselves. Parents should also not argue with law enforcement officers. This can lead to less desirable circumstances for the teen.

Woman faces charges after alleged DUI in fatal crash

Driving under the influence is a common problem throughout Georgia. Being charged with DUI is difficult enough and can result in serious penalties that can negatively impact a person's life for an extended period. When there is an arrest for DUI after a motor vehicle accident - especially a fatal crash - the long-term consequences for the person who is facing a conviction for DUI are substantial.

According to recent reports, a 24-year-old man was killed when an alleged DUI driver crashed into him. The accident happened in the morning at around 6 a.m. A female driver, 33, is charged with DUI after hitting the man's disabled vehicle as it sat on the shoulder of the interstate. The woman is said to have drifted from her lane and hit the vehicle. The impact sent the disabled vehicle into the road, where it was hit by a tractor-trailer. It then caught fire. The driver was pulled from the vehicle, but he died due to his injuries. The woman was arrested for DUI, first-degree homicide by vehicle, reckless driving and other charges. She reportedly has prior arrests for drugs.

The impact of false domestic abuse claims

Victims of domestic violence are often in vulnerable positions. Their lives may be in danger at any time, but they may be emotionally or physically unable to get away from their abusers. This is why law enforcement takes accusations of domestic violence very seriously. Once someone reports abuse, police may have no choice but to set in motion the wheels of the justice system.

While this may benefit those who are truly in danger from domestic violence, it places others in a difficult position. It is no secret that the law may compel police to arrest a suspected abuser, so some will take advantage of this during especially emotional or tumultuous breakups. If your ex-partner has called the police and reported that you were violent, you have a lot on the line and would do well to seek legal counsel quickly.

Man arrested for various drug crimes in Cumming

Drug crimes in the Cumming area are not tolerated by law enforcement. Those who are arrested for drug possession or other drug crimes are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If a person is facing a drug charge they can feel scared, confused and like the entire world is against them.

A Cumming man was recently arrested on drug charges. Undercover detectives noticed the defendant at a Cumming area gas station. The detectives investigated whether the defendant had any outstanding warrants and believed that he had a suspended driver's license. They apprehended the defendant in a nearby Walmart parking lot. Law enforcement searched the defendant's car and allegedly found meth, fake ID cards and various drug-related items. He was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, first degree forgery, tampering with evidence, suspended driver's license, drug related objects and other crimes.

Man with history of drug charges arrested again in Cumming

For Cumming residents who have had issues with drugs in the past, whether that is related to selling, using or both, it can be difficult to avoid being arrested when law enforcement believes drug charges are warranted. Regardless of a person's past, they deserve to have a strong legal defense when confronted with allegations of drug violations. Since penalties can significantly worsen with continued arrests and convictions, it becomes even more imperative to vigorously defend against the charges.

A 48-year-old man who reportedly has a history of drug charges was again arrested after fleeing a traffic stop. The incident began when undercover deputies for the Sheriff's Office spotted a man who had previous arrests for drug dealing. The deputies stated they were previously aware that the man's driver's license had been suspended. When they stopped his vehicle in the parking lot of a department store and asked him about his identification, he tried to escape. Law enforcement surrounded and stopped him. When his vehicle was searched, the deputies allegedly found methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, 10 fake identifications with the man's photo, but not his name, and a knife. He faces multiple charges.

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