Field sobriety tests administered at a traffic stop

Traffic stops are administered all over the state of Georgia for various reasons. Officers are always on the lookout for speeding, distracted driving, weaving, tailgating and impaired driving. If you are stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), or you come across a DUI checkpoint, the following field sobriety tests will be put to use by the officer to determine if you are inebriated.

The walk-and-turn is used to determine if you can follow directions and keep your balance. You will be asked to walk along an imaginary straight line by placing one foot directly in front of the other. You will then be asked to turn after 10 steps on the line and return to your starting point.

Reviewing laws that govern the trucking industry

Trucks are an integral part of the economy, not only in Georgia, but also across the country. The more you see trucks on the road, the better the economy is performing because trucks transport goods for sale.

Trucks are dangerous, though. They are so long, so heavy and sometimes very wide. They can be involved in tragic accidents. Let's review some of the laws that govern the trucking industry.

An overview of loss of consortium

Have you lost a loved one in a Georgia car accident? This is never an easy situation to handle, especially if it was a child or a young parent. Either way, the loss of a loved one is overwhelming. As the surviving family member of the victim, you are permitted to file suit for loss of consortium.

If the other driver involved in the car accident that severely injured or killed your spouse was negligent, it's possible that you could recover compensation for the loss of consortium or companionship with your spouse.

Documenting every medical expenses stemming from a car accident

If you ever find yourself involved in a car accident, there's plenty you need to take care of afterwards. First and foremost, you need to exchange information with the other drivers involved, even if it's a minor crash with little to no damage. This is important in the event that one of you needs to file a claim. Another important task you need to do is document every single medical expense incurred after a crash.

If you are injured in a Georgia car crash, even if it is a minor injury, you should record every penny spent. This includes money spent by your insurance plan too. Save every co-pay receipt, medication receipt and bill received from a hospital, your doctor, ambulance transport company or anything else stemming from the crash.

Truck accidents and poor maintenance

As with a car or SUV, the maintenance of a truck is important for various reasons. One of those reasons is to keep it running smoothly so that gas is not being wasted. The other reason is to keep the truck's parts in good working condition so they do not fail and lead to an accident in Georgia.

Regular maintenance of a truck should never be overlooked. When a truck is taken out of service so it can be sent for maintenance, the mechanic will be looking for issues that need to be rectified. Examples of issues include improperly installed tires, failing brakes, burnt lightbulbs, a failing horn and much more.

Seeking support following a loved one's wrongful death

There are plenty of things you can do following the wrongful death of a loved one in Georgia. This includes talking with family, seeing a therapist, visiting the accident scene and much more. One important aspect of healing is seeking support. You need to find support for your grieving process somewhere if you want to properly grieve the loss of your loved one.

A support group of people in the same situation as you can help immensely when it comes to dealing with grief. You will be able to hear their stories, ask questions, tell your story and learn how they struggled with grief. You will notice a lot of similarities between you and the other members of the support group.

What to expect if charged with a felony

Facing a criminal charge in Cumming, Georgia is one thing. Facing a felony charge is a completely different level. If you are ever charged with a felony in Georgia you will want to know what to expect so you can prepare to handle anything that is thrown at you. Today, we will discuss what you can expect if charged with a felony.

You will have to go to an arraignment after a felony charge is filed against you. At the arraignment you will be read the charge by the court. You will then either be assigned an attorney or you will let the court know you have representation. The next step will be assigning bail to your case, which you will pay in order to be released, or you will have to remain in jail.

The long-term consequences of a DUI charge

People make mistakes all the time. One of the most serious mistakes you can make is getting behind the wheel after you've had too much to drink. You could wind up hurting yourself, the passengers in your car and others around you in Cumming, Georgia. If you are facing a DUI charge, you need to know the long-term consequences associated with such a charge.

You will have trouble getting to and from work, school, the doctor, picking up the kids and anything else you do with your car. The reason for this is that you will likely lose your license for up to two years if you are convicted of a DUI. You need to know that you should never get behind the wheel once your license is suspended.

Delayed onset of pain following a Georgia car accident

If you are involved in a car accident in Cumming, Georgia, you will want to pay close attention to this post. Have you ever heard of delayed onset of pain? This is a serious issue that affects people who suffer injuries in car accidents, truck accidents and farming accidents. It affects those who are injured in any type of accident. The person might think he or she is fine immediately afterwards but a day or two later he or she develops severe pain.

Pain might not set in immediately following a car accident because of your adrenaline running high. That's why it's in your best interest not to deny medical evaluation or transport. The doctors at the hospital might be able to find internal bleeding, a damaged organ or some other issue that might not exhibit pain yet.

Preserving evidence at the scene of a truck accident

Getting into a truck accident can be a life-changing event. You might suffer a serious injury that could prevent you from going to school or work. You might become paralyzed. You could lose a loved one as a result of this type of accident. No matter what happens, if you are involved in a truck accident, you need to help preserve the evidence at the scene in Cumming, Georgia.

For starters, you should never move evidence at the scene of a truck accident. You might think that you are doing other drivers a favor by moving debris out of the travel lanes but this debris could actually be viewed as evidence by investigators. Try to protect the evidence by telling others walking around the scene not to go near it.

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