Overview of a Family Violence Protection Order

Domestic violence charges are taken very seriously in Georgia. Those who are facing these charges may feel like everyone is against them, but it's important to remember that everyone deserves a defense, and that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

That said, some aspects of law enforcement in domestic violence cases are intended to be preventative in nature, and can go into effect before the accused has had a full hearing. One such action that the court may take in a domestic violence situation is to issue a Family Violence Protection Order.

A Family Violence Protection Order is issued when one person has been charged with domestic violence. There are a number of things a protection order can do. It can order the abuser to leave the victim alone. This can include not being able to return to the family home or provide an alternative home for the victim and their children. It can also give the victim temporary custody of the children and order temporary child support and spousal support. The abuser may also be ordered to go to counseling and, if they violate any of the terms in the order, they could face another arrest.

A person who is facing a charge of domestic violence in the Cumming area needs to understand how serious these charges can be. A domestic violence conviction can lead to a criminal record, a ruined personal and professional reputation, fines and jail time, among other consequences. Anyone who has been accused of domestic violence should seek out help from a defense attorney as soon as possible.

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