Man faces DUI charges and more after passing bus and hitting kids

Drivers in Forsyth County and across Georgia can face severe charges if they are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, particularly if there is an accident involved.

By way of example, a 19-year-old man is facing a litany of charges after an accident in which he allegedly drove around a school bus and onto the sidewalk, hitting three people, including two kids. The incident happened at around 8 a.m., as the driver allegedly did not stop behind a school bus that had its lights flashing and the stop arm activated.

A 43-year-old man was walking two children, females ages 6 and 9, to the bus. The vehicle, a blue Toyota Camry, was heading east and went onto the curb. It hit the man and the two children. One girl ended up in a ditch.

All three were brought to local hospitals. One of the children was said to be in critical condition. The man and the other child were stable. The driver was arrested and is charged with a felony for causing serious injury with his vehicle, DUI, driving recklessly, failing to stop for a school bus, speeding based on the conditions, and failing to exercise due care.

There will inevitably be preconceived notions about an auto accident in which a driver is accused of a drug-related and of hitting children heading for a school bus. Despite that, everyone has the right to a strong legal defense, as there could be mitigating circumstances that led to the driver's alleged behavior. Also, as with any DUI, the state will have to prove its case.

A conviction can result in jail, a driver's license suspension, fines and more. Before simply accepting the situation without formulating a defense, it is important to have legal advice. A DUI attorney might present the person with options he or she had not considered. DUI lawyer may be able to help.

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