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Police car involved in deadly, fiery accident

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2018 | Car Accidents |

A car accident in Georgia left vehicles in flames and wreckage all over the road. It also left two people dead in the wake of the tragic crash.

Though the investigation is still going on, early reports show that one of the cars in the wreck was a police squad car. It was registered with the City of South Fulton Police Department.

The reports note that the wreck was on Sunday, Nov. 11, on I-85. It occurred in the northbound lanes, close to Exit 64.

Per the Fulton County medical examiner, a pair of people lost their lives in the accident. However, the identities of those people were not released. On top of that, it is unclear exactly how the police car was involved in the wreck. As the investigation proceeds, more details will be released. The Georgia State Patrol is handling that investigation.

Pictures from the scene do show one car sitting on the street with the doors open. It has completely burned up. The tires are flat, and the paint is scorched off. A firetruck sits behind it and an emergency worker is looking at the wreck. Other photos show numerous emergency vehicles and backed up traffic, with the red and blue lights flashing in the night. The backup was bad enough that some cars tried to turn around to seek an alternative route.

In a split-second, a safe ride home can turn into a devastating, fiery wreck. Those who suffer serious injuries or lose loved ones in these crashes need to know all the legal options they have to seek out financial compensation.

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