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Various issues cause trucks to be incredibly dangerous

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

We’ve all seen pictures and videos of horrific accidents involving large trucks on the highways of Georgia. These trucks transport everything — animals, liquids, clothing, food, hazardous materials and flammable gases. What makes these trucks so dangerous? Aside from the cargo, it can be a litany of other issues.

Excessive speed is a major hazard when driving near a large truck. These vehicles are not built to stop on a dime. Slamming on the brakes can only cause the truck to sway and possibly overturn onto a vehicle near it.

The length and weight of the truck also makes it dangerous. A truck is heavy without its load. Add the load to it and the truck becomes even heavier. A fully-loaded truck can wind up crushing a vehicle if it slams into or falls on top of it.

The experience of the driver can also make a truck dangerous. If the driver doesn’t know how to handle curves, turns or debris in the road, it can lead to a serious accident.

The weather, road conditions, impairment, distractions and other issues can also cause trucks to be very dangerous. If the load is not secured properly, it can spill off or out of the truck, damaging passing vehicles or causing horrific multi-vehicle pile-ups as cars swerve to avoid the road debris.

The dangers of commercial trucks are numerous. Make sure you know how to avoid accidents with these trucks so you do not suffer a serious injury. If you do, it’s best to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about your case.

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