Does your car accident justify a manufacturer liability suit?

In some instances, car accidents are not the result of any one driver's negligence or poor judgment. Instead, some car accidents occur because some component of the vehicle itself malfunctions, causing the car to crash. When this occurs, it is time to consider a manufacturer liability suit.

Manufacturer liability suits seek to compensate victims of faulty components. In order to qualify for a manufacturer liability suit, a person must meet a number of standards. The plaintiff must generally show that

  • The defect existed when he or she purchased the vehicle
  • The car was used properly, as intended by the manufacturer
  • The defect caused compensable damages

If you believe that your circumstances meet these standards, you may have grounds for a successful suit. It is important to note that these suits do not generally claim any specific wrongdoing or careless action on the part of the manufacturer, but rather that the part was simply defective.

Even in instances where a driver is actually at fault, a manufacturer liability suit may still be on the table if the car does not perform well in the accident or safety features do engage correctly. Every driver should have an expectation that the car he or she purchases is reasonably safe and that the features of the car are functional. If your accident occurred because of any fault within the vehicle or if the vehicle underperformed in an accident, consider your legal options carefully.

These suits require a great deal of planning to execute correctly. An experienced attorney can help you assess your damages and the grounds you have to identify strong strategies you can use to protect yourself and seek fair compensation for your losses.

Source: FindLaw, "Your Rights: Defects, Repairs, and Lawsuits," accessed Feb. 02, 2018

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