Georgia drunk driving case results in $5.35 million award

Drunk driving can carry heavy consequences, both in criminal punishment and possible civil liability. Right here in Georgia, a jury recently decided in favor of the survivors of a woman killed in a drunk driving accident, awarding them $5.35 million.

While there were a number of factors that contributed to the exceptionally high award, plaintiff's legal team built a successful narrative around the driver's rather high blood alcohol content at the time of the accident. The driver tested 0.398, which is almost five times the legal limit in the state of Georgia.

It is worth noting that the award was given against the estate of the driver, who was also lost his life. Under Georgia law, juries are not allowed to award punitive damages against a driver who perished in the accident at the center of a lawsuit.

The lawsuits did not only reach to the estate of the driver who perished in the accident, but also took a hefty toll on The Blaze, the strip club where the driver had been drinking prior to the accident. In a previous suit, the survivors were awarded $1.75 million against the club.

As you can see, when you drink and drive in Georgia, there are many ways that your life and livelihood may be threatened. It is never wise to drink and drive, but we all make mistakes from time to time. If you are facing drunk driving charges, it is vital to secure a strong legal defense. With the guidance of an experienced attorney, you can ensure that your rights will remain protected throughout the process as you fight for your future.

Source: Courtroom View Network, "$5.35M Verdict Hits GA Drunk Driver's Estate for the Head-On Crash That Killed Mother of 2," Arlin Crisco, April 01, 2017

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