Are there defenses to legitimately driving while drunk?

Drunk driving is rarely wise, but sometimes it's not what the arresting officer thinks it is. If you recently received drunk driving charges, it is possible that the circumstances change the nature of the violation, justifying your state behind the wheel. An experienced attorney can help you examine the specifics of your arrest to identify any factors that may justify an affirmative defense to drunk driving.

Expect a drunk driving crackdown on St. Patrick's Day

Next weekend, March Madness will come to a fever pitch as the NCAA Tournament takes center stage.  But we can’t forget about how popular St. Patrick’s Day can be. So while many will cheer on their favorite team, events and celebrations commemorating Irish heritage are still very popular.

Know the options for your DUI defense

When you are charged with drunk driving, your top priority is determining what defense options you have for your case. This isn't always something that is easy to determine, but we will work with you to explore the possibilities. We know that you aren't willing to just back and go down without a fight.

Don't take a chance on riding with someone who's been drinking

Many of our readers have probably seen the public service advertisements touting the message that "Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving." Of course, recognizing that someone has had too much to drink to drive safely may not be easy if they aren't showing signs of impairment such as slurring their words or stumbling.

Know your rights if stopped for suspected DUI

When most people are pulled over for suspected drunk driving, they're frightened, nervous and likely intimidated by the law enforcement officer(s) who stopped them. If they have been drinking, even a little, their judgment may be impaired. Therefore, when officers ask them to comply with performing field sobriety tests, they generally do.

Georgia law enforcement to launch DUI crackdown over Labor Day weekend

People throughout Georgia will be watching their calendars and clocks this week, eagerly counting down the days and the hours to Labor Day weekend. For some, this upcoming long holiday break will mean a much-anticipated trip to visit family or friends, while for others it will simply mean relaxing in the comfort of their own homes.

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