Former political leader receives life sentence for sex crime

Sex crimes carry some of the stiffest penalties of any conviction, a truth demonstrated clearly in the recent sentencing of a former Cobb County official. The man, a former county political party leader, now faces a life sentence for several instances of child molestation.

According to court documents, the man admitted that he had repeatedly engaged in illegal sexual activity with minors between 2004 and 2011. The admission came as a surprise, as it was given in the middle of a pretrial hearing and was not an expected component of the man's defense.

Delayed pain deserves proper medical attention

If you recently suffered a car accident and only just began to feel some form of pain, you should seek out professional medical attention as soon as possible. When you experience delayed pain after an accident, it can indicate a variety of injuries, some of which can lead to long-term damage or even death if left untreated

Depending on the type of pain you experience, your delayed pain may indicate many kinds of injuries, so it is important to get a complete medical screening after any car accident, even if you don't remember anything particularly dangerous or painful happening.

What is the 3 strikes rule?

Thanks to the abundance of criminal and courtroom procedurals on television, everybody thinks they know what a felony is. While this may be true to an extent, felonies can be surprisingly complex and serious -- even more so than one might think. We generally expect that felonies to carry stiffer penalties, but some people have no idea just how much more severe these penalties can be.

One of the clearest examples of severe felony sentencing is "three strikes" legislation. Georgia, like several other states, maintains a three strikes statute that puts a short leash on those who repeatedly find themselves on the wrong end of the law. The way they work is deceptively simple, and they sound great when local and state politicians campaign on a platform "tough on crime."

Family of inmate sues jail for wrongful death

A troubling wrongful death suit is playing out in Texas right now that may have startling implications for Georgians. The survivors and loved ones of an Arkansas man recently brought suit against the owners and staff of a for-profit jail after the man died while incarcerated. According to the suit, the death was due to neglect and lack of proper medical care when guards and nurses refused to offer the man the help he stated that he needed.

Footage from the jail demonstrates that the man had difficulty standing and breathing following a confrontation with guards. The man is heard clearly saying nearly 20 times that he could not breathe.

Georgia man's sex crime conviction overturned

If you face sex crime charges, you may feel as though defending yourself is hopeless, but this is simply not true. Even in the face of charges that carry heavy social stigma like sex crimes, a strong defense can lessen or even defeat many charges. In some cases, you can even have a conviction reversed, like one Georgia man learned recently.

The man in question was already several years into a 30-year sentence he received for failing to register as a sex offender when the Supreme Court of Georgia took up his case. After hearing the facts of the case, the court unanimously ruled that the conviction be overturned.

Do I need a lawyer to help with an insurance claim?

After you experience a car accident, especially if you suffered injuries, you can't wait on an insurance company to go through their lengthy claim process to begin treatment and recovery. Whether the claim is made to your own insurer or the insurer of another driver, insurance providers are often more concerned with protecting corporate profits than protecting their customers. While this is not always the case, when you are injured, you can't afford the time or cost of waiting to find out if the insurer addressing your claim will make your care a priority without trying to save money at your expense.

Even if you think that your accident was not that bad, it is vital that you get a proper medical screening after any kind of car accident. In a best case scenario, you'll have no notable injuries. In many cases, however, your injuries may not produce pain immediately. If left untreated, you may suffer serious, long-term damage or even develop potentially fatal injuries.

Who is liable in a drowning death?

It's summertime, which generally means that people all across North Georgia will be getting out on the water at Lake Lanier and other nearby rivers and lakes. Unfortunately, this also statistically means that some individuals will lose their lives in drowning accidents. Depending on the nature of the accident, a number of individuals and entities may be held liable in a wrongful death suit after a drowning.

If the drowning occurs in a maintained, regulated area such as a pool, then the owner and operator of the pool may face some responsibility. This is most common when the drowning was due to some negligent or reckless behavior by the pool's owner. This might include poor maintenance, or the absence of a lifeguard when one should be provided. Even if there is a lifeguard, and the behavior of the lifeguard contributed to the death, the owner may also face liability.

Are there defenses to legitimately driving while drunk?

Drunk driving is rarely wise, but sometimes it's not what the arresting officer thinks it is. If you recently received drunk driving charges, it is possible that the circumstances change the nature of the violation, justifying your state behind the wheel. An experienced attorney can help you examine the specifics of your arrest to identify any factors that may justify an affirmative defense to drunk driving.

In general, many people drive drunk as a foolish choice, but not all. It is possible that you got behind the wheel after drinking because you were fleeing danger, or because you or someone else was in desperate need of medical attention. If you or someone you know faced danger and you drove to prevent harm or seek help, a judge may be understanding.

What is involuntary manslaughter in Georgia?

Georgia, like all states, maintains its own set of laws that govern how it approaches various crimes. Even very serious crimes that classify as felonies may carry different definitions and penalties in neighboring states. One charge that is frequently misunderstood is involuntary manslaughter. So, what exactly is involuntary manslaughter?

You may be familiar with the term from many law enforcement T.V. shows or courtroom dramas. Often, it is in the context of an attorney and prosecutor negotiating greater or lesser charges for a crime where someone has died. The attorney may report to his or her client, "I've got good news — the prosecution agreed to reduce the charges to involuntary manslaughter," at which point the defendant may express that this still seems pretty bad, right?

Passenger killed in 2-car collision

Car crashes can be devastating, often victimizing those who are most vulnerable in such a scenario — passengers. Tragically, a woman riding as a passenger in a vehicle lost her life near Cumming recently, when two cars collided on Georgia Mountain Road 9.

The 24-year old woman was pronounced dead after being transported to Northside Hospital Forsyth. Police determined that the crash was cause when the vehicle the woman was riding in did not yield to an oncoming truck and turned in front of it. The drivers of both vehicles were also treated for injuries, but did not suffer anything life threatening. Police say that the accident is still under investigation.

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