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Roswell High School vandalized; students under investigation

Allegations of criminal conduct, let alone actual criminal charges, can have a big impact on young people still finding their way in the world. Our readers in George may have seen news reports about a recent incident at Roswell High School that has led to a police investigation.

Shoplifting can be a serious offense

Teens and shopping seem to go hand in hand. Many Cumming area teens spend hours each month roaming local shopping centers. As parents know, their teens don't always make the best decisions and sometimes they can be pressured into doing things they shouldn't. Shoplifting is one offense that many teens engage in and sometimes are caught. These crimes can have serious consequences.

Teens charged with theft after multi-county car chase

Parents of Cumming area teens know their children don't always make good decisions. Whether peer pressure, boredom, or some other factor, teens can engage in bad behavior. Sometimes this bad behavior can actually be illegal, resulting in teens facing theft charges that can affect them for the rest of their lives.

Teen arrested for car theft after allegedly taking rental vehicle

In Forsyth County and across Georgia, theft is a serious offense. This is especially true if it is car theft. Sometimes, these charges are brought against juveniles. Regardless of the reason they occur, it is imperative to understand the long-term consequences that anyone - even teens - can face if they are convicted and penalized for stealing a motor vehicle.

Two teens face theft charges for stealing cars and more

Theft charges can lead to severe consequences in Georgia, regardless of a person's age or circumstances. For younger people, these allegations can cause lifelong problems. Not only will it have an impact on their immediate future with school and entering the workforce, but it can hover over them for the rest of their lives. For those under 18 years of age or who have just turned 18-years-old, it is imperative to consider the future and attempt to avoid the harshest penalties when an arrest is made for theft and other criminal acts.

What is the Georgia law for theft by extortion?

In Georgia, being arrested for theft is not limited to accusations of taking something that belongs to another person. There are many aspects of a theft charge and people who are arrested are frequently unaware that they violated a law or that the penalties can be just as severe or worse than for allegations of taking something from a store or from another person. One level of theft that should be understood is theft by extortion.

When will a theft charge elevate to armed robbery in Georgia?

People in Georgia who have been accused of theft might be surprised to learn that their charges have increased to armed robbery. There is a difference between theft and armed robbery. Other aspects of armed robbery are also serious and the law addresses them. Included is robbery by intimidation and taking a controlled substance from a pharmacy. When charged with armed robbery, it is imperative to know exactly what the law says about this crime.

Shoplifting and its penalties

Being charged with shoplifting in Georgia might not sound serious on the surface. However, it is important to know that shoplifting is classified as theft and there are various penalties, depending on the value of what was taken. Understanding what constitutes shoplifting is imperative when planning a defense. A law firm that helps people confronted with theft charges is also critical.

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