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Is a guilty plea an option when facing drug charges?

When someone is arrested on drug charges in Georgia, the first thing that comes to mind may be finding an effective strategy to craft a defense and get an acquittal. In many cases, this is a viable possibility and it is wise to do whatever possible to achieve a successful outcome, either by having the charges reduced, dismissed or being acquitted. However, people who are in certain circumstances might be wise to consider pleading guilty.

Man faces drug charges and more after allegedly eating marijuana

Georgia law enforcement officials are vigilant in trying to catch drivers who might be under the influence. They will establish checkpoints on a periodic basis. In many cases, they will stop a driver who is driving after drinking alcohol. In others, the driver might have been using drugs. Frequently, there will be other violations found as the investigation commences. And, after a traffic stop and arrest for a driver operating a vehicle after using marijuana, if there is a weapon found, the charges and penalties can be worse.

Teens facing charges for made up kidnapping attempt

Parents of Forsyth County teenagers know that kids don't always make the best decisions. When left to their own devices, teens can come up with some really stupid ideas. But, just because a teen makes a bad decision doesn't mean they have to pay for it for the rest of their lives.

Drug charges can derail a young person and legal help is a must

It is natural and inevitable that young people in Georgia will make mistakes. This can be related to many aspects of life and one that can cause innumerable problems is getting involved with drugs. Whether the drug charges are related to selling drugs, using them or possessing them, it is imperative that a strong legal defense is formulated to avoid a conviction. Having advice from a criminal defense law firm is the most important aspect to effectively deal with the charges.

Woman arrested for drug trafficking

Cumming area residents understand that drugs are a part of our community as well as every other community across the U.S. Because of the prevalence of drugs, law enforcement agencies are stepping up their game in arresting anyone they suspect is involved in the manufacturing or distributing of drugs. Drug charges bring steep penalties to those who are convicted.

Four people face drug charges after arrest at Cumming hotel

Law enforcement in Cumming and throughout Georgia does its best to arrest people who are allegedly involved in drugs. That can include trafficking, distributing, low-level sales and possession. Any of these drug charges can yield various penalties if there is a conviction. Often, people are dealing with addiction issues and need treatment rather than incarceration. Regardless of the circumstances, facing allegations of drug violations can be worrisome and having legal advice to fight the charges is crucial.

Man faces drug charges after meth found in septic system

Law enforcement in Forsyth County and throughout Georgia will go to great lengths to find drugs if they believe a person has committed drug crimes. When conducting searches, it is important that law enforcement adhere to the proper protocol so the evidence is not tainted.

Don't make a mistake if your teen is facing drug charges

Forsyth County parents understand that their kids don't always make the best decisions. Kids can get themselves into situations that are over their head. Teens do not have the mental maturity to always do what they are supposed to do and can wind up in a legal situation where they don't know what to do. Parents who have teenagers who are facing a serious situation like drug charges need to know there are mistakes they should avoid.

Man arrested for various drug crimes in Cumming

Drug crimes in the Cumming area are not tolerated by law enforcement. Those who are arrested for drug possession or other drug crimes are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If a person is facing a drug charge they can feel scared, confused and like the entire world is against them.

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