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Know how to defend yourself against domestic violence charges

If you're charged with domestic violence, you'll immediately have concerns about the impact on your life. For example, if you're going through the divorce process, your soon to be ex-spouse may accuse you of domestic violence as a means of increasing their chance of gaining full custody of your children.

Overview of a Family Violence Protection Order

Domestic violence charges are taken very seriously in Georgia. Those who are facing these charges may feel like everyone is against them, but it's important to remember that everyone deserves a defense, and that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Violating a domestic violence protective order in Georgia

Domestic disputes can sometimes rise to the degree where a person is accused of violence in the home. When this happens, and there is a domestic violence arrest, it is likely that a family violence order will be issued. This is done to provide protection to the victims and keep the person who is accused of committing the violent acts away from the family.

Legal help can be imperative when charged with domestic violence

Georgia residents who find themselves in a situation where they are accused of domestic violence will have a great deal to think about as they try to deal with the case. One of the most problematic issues a generally law-abiding person can face is an accusation that a confrontation with a family member turned physical. Subsequently, it can lead to an arrest. When this happens, it is essential to remember the value of a strong legal defense.

The right approach when you are facing domestic violence charges

Domestic violence could occur in any family regardless of circumstances. But, many times it occurs because of communication issues between two people. Even if a person doesn't file charges, a person can still face domestic violence charges. These can, unfortunately, come with significant penalties in Georgia.

Man arrested for domestic violence after fight with disabled wife

There is no doubt that domestic violence allegations can lead to a slew of negative consequences. Not only can these allegations result in an arrest and conviction, with fines and a criminal record, but it will also result in disfavor in the community. People could be forced to leave their home and find another place to live. They might be obligated to stay away from the alleged victim of the abuse. Although these charges are serious, that does not mean that a person who was charged should simply accept the allegations and the penalties without formulating a strong legal defense. This could be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

Teen arrested for child pornography

As Forsyth County parents know, teens are notorious for making bad decisions. Teens often don't think before they do something, putting them at risk of making bad decisions that will cost them for the rest of their lives. Many teenagers are obsessed with sex and spend time looking at porn online and sexting with other young people. Teenagers these days have a lot more access to these explicit images than ever before due to the Internet.

What to do when facing a divorce and domestic violence charges

All married couples fight at some time or another. There will always be something for a couple to argue over, whether it be financial matters, the children, house projects, etc. Sometimes these fights can become physical or the police may be called to the home because someone is feeling threatened. In these cases it can be important for the defendant to understand how a domestic violence conviction can affect divorce proceedings.

Were you falsely accused of domestic violence during divorce?

Going through divorce causes a number of upheavals. While some complications are common, your life could become even more tumultuous if you also face criminal charges during this time. You may think that such a combination of events would not take place, but it could happen if your spouse filed false claims against you.

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