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Strong Defense Against Assault Charges

If you are facing charges of assault or other violent crimes, having a dedicated advocate on your side makes all the difference. Our attorneys are familiar with the local courts around Cumming and use this knowledge to build the strongest defense possible.

Elements Of Assault

An assault is an act intended to cause apprehension of harmful or offensive contact. Words alone are not enough — there has to be an intentional act. Plus, the other person has to reasonably believe they are at risk.

Many people confuse assault with battery. But, an assault charge does not require you to have actually hit, or even touched, anyone. In other words, if the average person would feel that they were in imminent danger of injury or offensive contact based on another’s actions, an assault has taken place.

How Is Aggravated Assault Different?

In Georgia, “aggravated assault” is a criminal offense where someone commits an assault with a deadly weapon or with the intent to murder, rape or rob. Firing a gun from inside a car can also be seen as aggravated assault.

Aggravated assault is a felony with penalties of up to 20 years in prison, a $100,000 fine and up to 20 years of probation. Aggravated assault by discharging a firearm from a car, as discussed above, brings a minimum of three years in prison. There are also specific minimum sentences when the victim is:

These are serious charges that require a strong defense. With over 45 years of combined experience, the lawyers of Neville & Cunat, LLP, have the skills and knowledge you need to protect your rights.

Your Freedom Is At Stake — Call Today

If you are facing assault charges, there is no time to waste. Call 678-807-6511 or send us a message online to set up a consultation with an attorney experienced in assault defense.

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