Various issues cause trucks to be incredibly dangerous

We've all seen pictures and videos of horrific accidents involving large trucks on the highways of Georgia. These trucks transport everything — animals, liquids, clothing, food, hazardous materials and flammable gases. What makes these trucks so dangerous? Aside from the cargo, it can be a litany of other issues.

Preserving evidence at the scene of a truck accident

Getting into a truck accident can be a life-changing event. You might suffer a serious injury that could prevent you from going to school or work. You might become paralyzed. You could lose a loved one as a result of this type of accident. No matter what happens, if you are involved in a truck accident, you need to help preserve the evidence at the scene in Cumming, Georgia.

Spotting a distracted truck driver in Georgia

Trucks are an important part of the economy in Georgia. The more of them you see, the better things are in the state. They can also pose a serious problem to other drivers because of their size. Large trucks can be accidents waiting to happen, especially if the drivers are distracted. Here's how to spot distracted truck drivers in Georgia so you can safely maneuver away from them.

Jackknifed commercial trucks are not always liable in a claim

When a large commercial truck jackknifes, the damage can be immense. Many of us have seen this sort of devastation while driving down the highway as several vehicles and the contents of the truck's trailer are strewn across the median. Even in an accident that thankfully does not involve fatalities or serious injury, the property costs alone can be astronomical.

Many potential defendants in a truck accident

When a commercial truck accident occurs, the victims may face more difficulty that they expect determining which parties hold liability. In consumer car accidents, the matter is typically fairly simple, usually falling to one driver or the other to pay for the damages. However, in truck accidents, the matter may prove significantly more complex.

Keep yourself safe while sharing the road with commercial trucks

When consumer drivers share the road with a large commercial truck, the drivers must understand how to behave around such a large vehicle to keep themselves safe and avoid potentially catastrophic accidents. Many drivers do not realize just how different and challenging it is to drive a large commercial vehicle, and do not behave safely when driving near them.

Protecting your rights after a commercial truck accident

When a commercial truck is involved in an accident, an already complicated circumstance has the potential to grow much more complex. In many cases, the victims involved in the accident are not familiar with the legal issues at hand, and may not realize that crucial evidence often disappears into the air once the respective parties leave the scene.

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