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What crimes fall under the umbrella of theft in Georgia?

Theft is a crime that's been around for a long time. What's classified as this type of offense has evolved over the years. It includes shoplifting, identity theft and the theft of lost property or services. Anyone who takes something by conversion, extortion or deception may also be charged with theft in Georgia. This is why the penalties associated with committing such a crime can vary significantly.

What are the elements of theft?

We often want what we don't have, but taking what does not belong to you is considered a crime. Being accused of theft is a serious situation because the consequences that could befall a defendant can be severe and life impacting. While theft crimes can range greatly from minor misdemeanor charges to severe felony counts, asserting a defense is important no matter the type of charge. Thus, the accused should be aware of the charges against them so a strong defense could be initiated.

Couple accused of stealing funds from charity organization

Many Forsyth County residents give to charities every year because they believe in their ability to help make the community a better place to live. Most of the time these charities do good work and use the funds they raise properly. However, sometimes people who lead charities are accused of illegally using the money they raised for themselves.

Has your teen been arrested? Know your rights

Cumming area residents who have teenagers understand how much stress their children can cause them. Teenagers don't always make the best decisions and can get themselves over their head at times. Parents who have a teenager who has been arrested should understand that their teen has legal rights.

What teens need to know about sexting

As parents know, sometimes their children do not engage in the best behavior. Teens are constantly testing boundaries and making less than ideal decisions. Most of the time these decisions will not affect them for the rest of their lives, but that's not always the case. Sexting is one situation that can lead to a teenager facing criminal charges.

Former bank employee charged with theft for various allegations

When Georgia residents hear about allegations of theft, they might automatically think of someone stealing a motor vehicle or taking something from a store. However, there are other forms of theft with serious penalties for a conviction. If a person is accused of check fraud, identity theft, computer crimes and similar financial violations, it can result in long-term consequences.

Roswell High School vandalized; students under investigation

Allegations of criminal conduct, let alone actual criminal charges, can have a big impact on young people still finding their way in the world. Our readers in George may have seen news reports about a recent incident at Roswell High School that has led to a police investigation.

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