Social media and sexual predators

With the increase in social media usage and the various platforms available more and more sexual predators are hiding much easier behind the computer screen. Social media accounts include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others. Today, we will take a look at social media and sexual predators to get a better understanding of how sex crimes are moving with technology.

Explaining cybercrimes in Georgia

The internet has become the lifeline of billions of people across the globe. Companies, schools, individuals and criminals use the internet regularly. That's why criminals prey on the internet for new victims every single day. Cyber crimes are incredibly common and Cumming, Georgia, is not exempt from these crimes. Let's take a look at the various types of cybercrimes out there and how victims fall prey to them.

Defenses used to fight sex crime charges in Georgia

Facing a sex crime charge in Georgia can be terrifying, especially if you thought what you were doing was consensual. Even if you have faced criminal charges before, a charge of a sex crime can be very difficult to handle. That's why you need to know the common defenses that can be used in court to fight these charges. You just might be able to have the charges dropped or even reduced.

Former political leader receives life sentence for sex crime

Sex crimes carry some of the stiffest penalties of any conviction, a truth demonstrated clearly in the recent sentencing of a former Cobb County official. The man, a former county political party leader, now faces a life sentence for several instances of child molestation.

Georgia man's sex crime conviction overturned

If you face sex crime charges, you may feel as though defending yourself is hopeless, but this is simply not true. Even in the face of charges that carry heavy social stigma like sex crimes, a strong defense can lessen or even defeat many charges. In some cases, you can even have a conviction reversed, like one Georgia man learned recently.

Emory professor sentenced for child pornography

Sex crime charges can derail your entire life and dismantle your career, even after you serve a prison sentence or pay fines. The social stigma of sex crime charges is often so strong that simply being charged can present great difficulties to a defendant. A former professor at Emory University will face all these difficulties and more after being sentenced to serve more than six years of jail time and pay thousands of dollars in fines.

Georgia legislation addressed sexual assault on college campuses

When most people hear about Title IX, they think of gender equality in school sports programs. However, this section of the federal civil rights law passed in 1972 also covers sexual harassment and assaults on college campuses. The head of the Rape Crisis Center in Savannah says that most reported rapes occur on or near college campuses.

What if child porn is discovered by a computer technician?

The recent case of a California doctor charged with having child pornography on his computer has brought to light a larger issue of relationships between Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and members of Best Buy's Geek Squad who repair and service customer computers. Technicians have reportedly been paid by the FBI when they turn over child porn they discover on customers' computers.

State efforts have increased arrests for child exploitation

Georgia authorities have teamed up to deal with the growing problem of child exploitation in our state, with positive results, they say. As teens and even children are increasingly using the internet, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, often unsupervised, they can become targets of predators.

Understanding Georgia's reporting requirements for sexual offenders

When a person learns that they are under investigation for some manner of sex crime, with officers searching their home, or seizing their electronic devices, it's understandable how they will feel incredibly worried about the road ahead. Indeed, those convicted of sex crimes here in Georgia face not only lengthy prison sentences, but other consequences that will last long after any prison sentence is served.    

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