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Georgia is harsh on drivers charged and convicted for DUI

Across the United States, lawmakers, prosecutors and law enforcement officials take driving under the influence of alcohol very seriously. While other dangerous behaviors behind the wheel, such as distracted driving, have been garnering more attention lately, DUIs are still one of the biggest reasons for injuries and fatalities on the road. To prevent drivers from having an accident and injuring or killing others, attempts will be made to catch and penalize them.

Man faces charges akin to DUI after alleged drunken boat accident

When the term "driving under the influence" is said related to an accident in Georgia, people will automatically believe that it is due to a driver in a motor vehicle. However, people can face comparable charges if they are operating a boat while under the influence. The charges and penalties are like those faced by people charged with DUI and it is important to understand legal options, especially if people were injured in the accident.

Freshman college football player charged with DUI

Law enforcement officials do not discriminate when making an arrest for driving under the influence. Anyone who gets behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs will face the same possibility of an arrest and conviction. This is true for prominent people, those who have had legal problems in the past and anyone in between. A DUI conviction can cause major problems in anyone's life, but if it is a younger person, it is a situation that can lead to lifelong challenges. This is especially true for someone who is underage and is just beginning college.

What if you are charged with a fourth DUI in Georgia?

Georgia residents who have been arrested and convicted for driving under the influence might find themselves facing the same charges again in the future. For those who have been convicted three or more times, a fourth or subsequent DUI charge and conviction will have harsher penalties than the previous incidents. While no one should get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or using drugs, that does not mean that there should be an automatic conviction with the most severe penalties dispensed.

Man faces DUI, other charges after fleeing deputy

Georgia law enforcement does its best to find drivers who are under the influence and place them under arrest. In these incidents, other charges are often added to the DUI case. If, for example, the alleged DUI driver flees the scene, has a weapon, possesses drug paraphernalia and commits other violations, the list of charges can expand, which could incur substantial jail time, fines and other punishments. While these allegations are undoubtedly serious, there are effective strategies to craft and sound defenses.

When can I plead nolo contendere to DUI charges?

Georgia residents of any age are bound to make mistakes in many aspects of life and driving errors is one that arises frequently. For people who are accused of driving under the influence, a conviction can upend their lives in many ways. While it is never a wise decision to get behind the wheel under the influence and there is a chance that the person was not guilty, it is important to think about alternatives when addressing the case to achieve a desirable result and get it behind them.

Woman faces charges after alleged DUI in fatal crash

Driving under the influence is a common problem throughout Georgia. Being charged with DUI is difficult enough and can result in serious penalties that can negatively impact a person's life for an extended period. When there is an arrest for DUI after a motor vehicle accident - especially a fatal crash - the long-term consequences for the person who is facing a conviction for DUI are substantial.

Man riding lawnmower arrested for DUI in Georgia

When there is an arrest for driving under the influence in Georgia, there might be a natural inclination to think that it can only happen when a person is driving a conventional motor vehicle or a motorcycle. However, people can face DUI charges and be confronted with the accompanying penalties for a conviction in a variety of circumstances. All can result in serious consequences that must be addressed.

New Georgia law impacts DUI breathalyzer refusal cases

When a driver in Cumming or anywhere in Georgia is stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence, it is possible that they will not be completely aware of the law and what they can and cannot do. There could be a misunderstanding of the details surrounding a requested breathalyzer test, a refusal, and the influence that decision might have on the case. Now, a new law has been passed that will have an impact on a DUI case.

Georgia teen accused of DUI after passing out behind wheel

Driving under the influence is a serious charge in Georgia regardless of a person's age. When it is a teen who is facing a DUI charge, it can have a major impact on his or her life in the present and future. While it is understandable that teens will make mistakes, law enforcement and prosecutors do not treat a DUI lightly. The penalties that accompany a conviction can be severe and life-changing. The parents and the teen must think about how to approach the situation with assistance from an experienced DUI lawyer.

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