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How good kids can get arrested on spring break

Your child's a good kid. Unfortunately, you can't say the same thing about some of their friends. Maybe you trust their friends, but they're talking about driving to Fort Lauderdale for spring break. Who knows what kind of people they'll run in to? You've seen those spring break movies. Maybe you lived a few of them yourself back in the day.

Is your teen in trouble? Why hiring a lawyer may be a good idea

Cumming-area parents understand that their teens may not always make the best decisions. Despite doing everything they can, sometimes teens don't heed their parents, advice and wind up in situations that they can't get out of. Sometimes, these situations result in a teen getting arrested. If it comes to this, parents should seek out the advice of an attorney.

Is it possible to defend oneself against theft charges?

When a Georgia resident is accused of committing a crime, many people take it for granted that the accused must have committed the crime in question. However, false accusations and misunderstandings are very common in criminal law, which is why the accused is always entitled to a criminal defense.

Can teens face drug charges in accidental overdose cases?

It is likely that many Georgia residents are unaware of how easy it is for teens to get their hands on drugs they should not have. It is even more likely that they do not know these same children, who are getting them from their parent's cupboards and sharing them with their children, may be charged as drug dealers, even if they are not selling the drugs but giving them away.

Contract workers for film arrested on drug charges in Cumming

In Cumming and throughout Georgia, there are many film projects that use the local sights as a setting. This is a positive for the state as it provides jobs and brings much-needed income for various entities. Unfortunately, though, one such project ended early for some of those working on it due to criminal charges.

Drug bust in Gainesville leads to the arrest of seven suspects

Most Forsyth area residents understand that drugs are illegal and law enforcement aggressively prosecutes anyone who is suspected of engaging in drug activities. Those who are found to be in possession, selling or manufacturing of drugs can feel like the entire world is against them. A recent incident in Gainesville has resulted in the arrest of seven people on drug related charges.

Employee faces drug charges after alleged theft of medications

In Georgia, there might be a perception that drug charges will be made when a person is selling drugs at any level or is caught with the drugs in his or her possession for personal use or otherwise. However, there are many situations in which a person can face allegations of drug violations and there can be severe penalties if there is a conviction. In some cases, a person is in a position of authority and has access to drugs - often prescription drugs - and will be accused of taking them. When this happens, it is just as important to have a strong defense as it is with other types of drug cases.

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