What’s the best defense of shoplifting charges?

Teenagers can and will make mistakes, with some of them more serious than others. For example, if your teen was arrested for shoplifting, you'll want to learn more about the circumstances and the next steps in the process.

To start, speak with your teen to better understand their side of the story. Implore them to share the truth, and nothing but the truth, as it'll allow you to better help them. Even if the truth hurts, it's a must to understand the facts of the case.

From there, you can learn more about the most common shoplifting defense strategies. These typically include:

  • Your teen was going to pay for the item: For example, if an arrest occurred in the store, your teen may have been wrongfully accused. Even if they had the intention to steal the item, there's no proof this was the case because they never left the premises.
  • A store employee made a mistake: This can be as simple as an employee who called security or police because they thought your teen was shoplifting, when in all actuality they had no intention of violating the law.
  • A simple mix-up: Maybe your teen was purchasing several items, which led them to hold onto one as opposed to setting it on the counter for the cashier. This is a simple mix-up, not a crime.

You'll want to do your part in helping your teen deal with their shoplifting charges, as a conviction can result in community service, fines and potential consequences on their standing as a student or worker.

Understanding the circumstances of the arrest and potential defense strategies is a good starting point.

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