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Month: January 2020

Tips for a ‘dry’ Super Bowl Sunday

If you're facing a DUI charge, you may have decided -- as many people do -- that this was your wake-up call to stop drinking. Maybe you first committed to "Dry January" and have decided to keep going. However, one of the biggest challenges to many Americans' sobriety...

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What are the elements of theft?

We often want what we don't have, but taking what does not belong to you is considered a crime. Being accused of theft is a serious situation because the consequences that could befall a defendant can be severe and life impacting. While theft crimes can range greatly...

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DUI laws strict in Georgia

Georgia has strict laws against drunk driving. Being stopped and ultimately convicted on DUI charges can have long-term personal, professional, and financial consequences. Motorists should understand the law and their rights so that they can protect themselves as...

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Is your college student facing DUI charges?

From the time your child was quite young, you probably had dreams and ambitions for him or her. Sending your child to a Georgia college or university was one step to help your child reach his or her full potential.Of course, you are not too naïve to...

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