Violating a domestic violence protective order in Georgia

Domestic disputes can sometimes rise to the degree where a person is accused of violence in the home. When this happens, and there is a domestic violence arrest, it is likely that a family violence order will be issued. This is done to provide protection to the victims and keep the person who is accused of committing the violent acts away from the family.

With this order, there are certain acts under the law that the person cannot commit or there will be a violation of the order. If a criminal violence order is issued, it means that it is necessary for a pretrial release of the alleged abuser after being arrested for domestic violence. Or, it is issued as part of probation after a guilty plea, a conviction, nolo contendere or a first offense of domestic violence.

The order will be violated if the person does not adhere to the terms knowingly and in a nonviolent way. It will exclude or evict the person from the home. It directs the person that he or she must keep away from the home, workplace of the victim or schools the victim or victims attend.

It will restrain the person from coming with a certain distance of another person. And, it restricts contact except in situations where contact is specified to be allowed. A violation is a misdemeanor.

Domestic violence allegations and the aftermath can be difficult for everyone involved. While there is no excuse for these behaviors, it does not necessarily mean a person is guilty, if they are accused of these acts. This can extend to alleged violations of protective orders. When charged with any criminal act of this kind, it is important to be shielded from the consequences that will accompany a conviction.

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