Can teens face drug charges in accidental overdose cases?

It is likely that many Georgia residents are unaware of how easy it is for teens to get their hands on drugs they should not have. It is even more likely that they do not know these same children, who are getting them from their parent's cupboards and sharing them with their children, may be charged as drug dealers, even if they are not selling the drugs but giving them away.

There is no doubt that there is a drug problem in the country. Marijuana and alcohol remain the drugs of choice of teens across the country, but prescription drugs are becoming more and more popular. This is worrisome, because prescription drugs are a lot more powerful and addictive.

In fact, 90 percent of prescription drug addicts confessed to starting to use them in middle or high school. Vaping and cannabis pens have been gaining popularity as well, as they are odor free and can be hidden easily. This means it is easy to smoke them in public, such as in school.

Drug charges that follow from prescription drug use can be very serious. In addition to being charged as a drug dealer, if someone has died of an overdose, homicide charges can also be levied. They can be against anyone who was a party to the crime, from siblings to parents. Given the increase in drug overdoses in the country, there is little doubt that drug charges will be more frequent and serious in nature.

The number of prosecutions, even in accidental drug overdoses cases, has increased steadily. Teens facing drug charges related to any type of drug should not take them lightly. Their parents should consider mounting an aggressive defense as soon as possible.

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