Couple faces multiple drug charges and more after fleeing police

Drug charges are serious in Georgia, and those who are placed under arrest for drug-related offenses often compound those allegations by fleeing law enforcement and having weapons.

Although the penalties for convictions on these criminal acts are severe, that does not mean that the person or persons charged have no avenue to formulate a strong defense. Before doing or saying anything to make the situation worse, it is important to consult with a criminal defense attorney.

A man and a woman, ages 47 and 45, were arrested for multiple drug charges and more in Forsyth County. They were driving a vehicle that a law enforcement officer said had a license plate cover obscuring it. They were stopped and attempted to flee. The officer pursued. Eventually, the vehicle stopped and the couple was arrested. In the vehicle, officers found a BB gun, a rifle, methamphetamine, cocaine and packaging items.

The man was arrested and charged with drug trafficking of methamphetamine and weapons possession. He is a convicted felon, enhancing the charges. He was also charged with fleeing law enforcement, the license plate violation and traffic violations. Several of the charges are felonies. The woman is faces drug trafficking charges, weapons possession, and possessing cocaine for distribution.

When arrested on drug charges, it is important to remember that many of these acts result in felonies that can spark a long jail sentence, fines and other penalties. If the person is accused of drug trafficking with cocaine, methamphetamine and other scheduled street drugs, they can face an uncertain future. This is compounded by weapons charges and fleeing law enforcement.

While these accusations are serious, there could be strategies to combat them or at least secure a plea agreement. The traffic stop could be called into question and the way the evidence was accrued could have violated police protocol. Before simply accepting the charges without question, it may help to contact a law firm experienced in defending those dealing with drug charges.

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