Man faces DUI and other charges after speeding crash

A man in a Volvo who had an auto accident after driving at speeds that allegedly surpassed 130 mph recently was arrested on a slew of charges. According to the investigation, the driver, 33, was heading north, and an officer registered his speed at 131 mph. The officer subsequently tried to stop the driver, but he kept driving and sped up. He attempted to leave the roadway, but his speed led to him going out of control.

The vehicle flew into the air and hit a median. It then flipped. The man walked away from the accident without severe injuries. He was arrested for DUI, for having an open container in the vehicle, speeding, fleeing and eluding, and driving recklessly.

Being convicted for DUI can have a longstanding effect on a person's life. Not only might there be jail time and fines, but there can also be lost driving privileges, increased insurance rates and other long-term negatives. In cases where there are allegations beyond DUI, the consequences can be worse. Reckless driving, speeding, running from law enforcement and other charges can lead to a litany of punishments. Although these are serious charges, there are strategies to formulate a defense. It is vital to begin the process of a legal plan immediately.

In an alleged speeding and DUI incident, a man crashed and flipped his vehicle as he tried to escape law enforcement. Despite the severity of these charges, he needs to consider his alternatives in combating and potentially reducing these charges. Having legal advice may be the key factor in a successful result. Calling a criminal defense attorney experienced in DUI and more can help.

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