Shoplifting can be a serious offense

Teens and shopping seem to go hand in hand. Many Cumming area teens spend hours each month roaming local shopping centers. As parents know, their teens don't always make the best decisions and sometimes they can be pressured into doing things they shouldn't. Shoplifting is one offense that many teens engage in and sometimes are caught. These crimes can have serious consequences.

What may seem like a small offense like shoplifting can quickly turn into a nightmare for families. Shoplifting merchandise that is valued at $300 or less is a misdemeanor in Georgia. But there are circumstances in which smaller thefts can cause big problems. If a person shoplifts $100 in items from three or more stores in a week, those thefts can result in a felony charge. In addition, shoplifting is not just taking items from a store without paying for it. In Georgia, shoplifting also includes altering price tags or switching price tags.

Teens are notorious for making bad decisions. When a teen finds themselves in a situation in which they are over their head it may be time to contact an attorney who specializes in criminal defense. An attorney can meet with a family and explain their options when it comes to facing a felony charge. An attorney can also explain how serious a felony conviction can be for a teen's future. A felony record can affect a teen's college choices, future job opportunities and scholarship opportunities, affecting them for many years.

It is important for a Cumming area family to understand the implications that can come from a felony conviction for their teenager. A teen has the legal right to defend themselves and an attorney can make sure their legal rights are protected.

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