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Woman faces drug charges after distracted driving traffic stop

Drug charges can come about in many ways in Georgia and the circumstances are imperative to planning an effective legal defense. For example, while some arrests for drug infractions are connected to a long-term investigation, drug trafficking, drug distribution and other serious charges, people could get caught because of a different violation and law enforcement might end up alleging that drugs were found.

Roswell High School vandalized; students under investigation

Allegations of criminal conduct, let alone actual criminal charges, can have a big impact on young people still finding their way in the world. Our readers in George may have seen news reports about a recent incident at Roswell High School that has led to a police investigation.

Georgia is harsh on drivers charged and convicted for DUI

Across the United States, lawmakers, prosecutors and law enforcement officials take driving under the influence of alcohol very seriously. While other dangerous behaviors behind the wheel, such as distracted driving, have been garnering more attention lately, DUIs are still one of the biggest reasons for injuries and fatalities on the road. To prevent drivers from having an accident and injuring or killing others, attempts will be made to catch and penalize them.

Man faces charges akin to DUI after alleged drunken boat accident

When the term "driving under the influence" is said related to an accident in Georgia, people will automatically believe that it is due to a driver in a motor vehicle. However, people can face comparable charges if they are operating a boat while under the influence. The charges and penalties are like those faced by people charged with DUI and it is important to understand legal options, especially if people were injured in the accident.

What happens if your kids gets in trouble in college?

Georgia parents want to do everything possible to protect their children and help them navigate life with minimal complications. You've probably helped your kid his or her entire life, yet you do not really have control over what happens when that child grows up and heads off to college. You can hope for the best, but what should you do if you get a phone call one night from your kid saying he or she is in trouble?

Shoplifting can be a serious offense

Teens and shopping seem to go hand in hand. Many Cumming area teens spend hours each month roaming local shopping centers. As parents know, their teens don't always make the best decisions and sometimes they can be pressured into doing things they shouldn't. Shoplifting is one offense that many teens engage in and sometimes are caught. These crimes can have serious consequences.

Is a guilty plea an option when facing drug charges?

When someone is arrested on drug charges in Georgia, the first thing that comes to mind may be finding an effective strategy to craft a defense and get an acquittal. In many cases, this is a viable possibility and it is wise to do whatever possible to achieve a successful outcome, either by having the charges reduced, dismissed or being acquitted. However, people who are in certain circumstances might be wise to consider pleading guilty.

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