Man faces drug charges and more after allegedly eating marijuana

Georgia law enforcement officials are vigilant in trying to catch drivers who might be under the influence. They will establish checkpoints on a periodic basis. In many cases, they will stop a driver who is driving after drinking alcohol. In others, the driver might have been using drugs. Frequently, there will be other violations found as the investigation commences. And, after a traffic stop and arrest for a driver operating a vehicle after using marijuana, if there is a weapon found, the charges and penalties can be worse.

According to recent reports, a police checkpoint led to a man being arrested on several felony charges. According to law enforcement officials, the 26-year-old was subjected to a traffic stop. As officers spoke to him, they allegedly smelled marijuana. The driver reportedly seemed to be disoriented. The man allegedly admitted to having marijuana in his bag and there was a gun next to him, according to the reports. Officers searched the vehicle and reportedly found vaping cartridges derived from cannabis, but did not find marijuana. When the man was asked to open his mouth, they found evidence that he had ingested the drug. The driver allegedly said he was smoking it and ate it when he spotted the checkpoint. He is now charged with misdemeanor DUI for drugs and felonies for the other charges.

Although marijuana is not treated as harshly as it once was and it is teetering on being made completely legal across the nation, there are still illegal behaviors associated with it that can result in criminal charges. If the person is accused of other criminal acts in addition to the marijuana, it can lead to major penalties. Weapons charges, drug charges and DUI are serious. Jail time, fines and long-term consequences are possible when it comes to DUI and drug charges.

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