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Man arrested for domestic violence after fight with disabled wife

There is no doubt that domestic violence allegations can lead to a slew of negative consequences. Not only can these allegations result in an arrest and conviction, with fines and a criminal record, but it will also result in disfavor in the community. People could be forced to leave their home and find another place to live. They might be obligated to stay away from the alleged victim of the abuse. Although these charges are serious, that does not mean that a person who was charged should simply accept the allegations and the penalties without formulating a strong legal defense. This could be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

What is the Georgia law for theft by extortion?

In Georgia, being arrested for theft is not limited to accusations of taking something that belongs to another person. There are many aspects of a theft charge and people who are arrested are frequently unaware that they violated a law or that the penalties can be just as severe or worse than for allegations of taking something from a store or from another person. One level of theft that should be understood is theft by extortion.

Far-reaching penalties for DUI in Georgia

You may be among the many in Georgia who pay little attention to the changing laws related to drunk driving. After all, if you know your limits and never get behind the wheel when you feel like you've had too much to drink, you may never expect to have to deal with the legal consequences of a drunk driving arrest or conviction.

Teens facing charges for made up kidnapping attempt

Parents of Forsyth County teenagers know that kids don't always make the best decisions. When left to their own devices, teens can come up with some really stupid ideas. But, just because a teen makes a bad decision doesn't mean they have to pay for it for the rest of their lives.

Man faces DUI, other charges after fleeing deputy

Georgia law enforcement does its best to find drivers who are under the influence and place them under arrest. In these incidents, other charges are often added to the DUI case. If, for example, the alleged DUI driver flees the scene, has a weapon, possesses drug paraphernalia and commits other violations, the list of charges can expand, which could incur substantial jail time, fines and other punishments. While these allegations are undoubtedly serious, there are effective strategies to craft and sound defenses.

Drug charges can derail a young person and legal help is a must

It is natural and inevitable that young people in Georgia will make mistakes. This can be related to many aspects of life and one that can cause innumerable problems is getting involved with drugs. Whether the drug charges are related to selling drugs, using them or possessing them, it is imperative that a strong legal defense is formulated to avoid a conviction. Having advice from a criminal defense law firm is the most important aspect to effectively deal with the charges.

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