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Woman arrested for drug trafficking

Cumming area residents understand that drugs are a part of our community as well as every other community across the U.S. Because of the prevalence of drugs, law enforcement agencies are stepping up their game in arresting anyone they suspect is involved in the manufacturing or distributing of drugs. Drug charges bring steep penalties to those who are convicted.

When will a theft charge elevate to armed robbery in Georgia?

People in Georgia who have been accused of theft might be surprised to learn that their charges have increased to armed robbery. There is a difference between theft and armed robbery. Other aspects of armed robbery are also serious and the law addresses them. Included is robbery by intimidation and taking a controlled substance from a pharmacy. When charged with armed robbery, it is imperative to know exactly what the law says about this crime.

Four people face drug charges after arrest at Cumming hotel

Law enforcement in Cumming and throughout Georgia does its best to arrest people who are allegedly involved in drugs. That can include trafficking, distributing, low-level sales and possession. Any of these drug charges can yield various penalties if there is a conviction. Often, people are dealing with addiction issues and need treatment rather than incarceration. Regardless of the circumstances, facing allegations of drug violations can be worrisome and having legal advice to fight the charges is crucial.

Shoplifting and its penalties

Being charged with shoplifting in Georgia might not sound serious on the surface. However, it is important to know that shoplifting is classified as theft and there are various penalties, depending on the value of what was taken. Understanding what constitutes shoplifting is imperative when planning a defense. A law firm that helps people confronted with theft charges is also critical.

Man faces drug charges after meth found in septic system

Law enforcement in Forsyth County and throughout Georgia will go to great lengths to find drugs if they believe a person has committed drug crimes. When conducting searches, it is important that law enforcement adhere to the proper protocol so the evidence is not tainted.

When can I plead nolo contendere to DUI charges?

Georgia residents of any age are bound to make mistakes in many aspects of life and driving errors is one that arises frequently. For people who are accused of driving under the influence, a conviction can upend their lives in many ways. While it is never a wise decision to get behind the wheel under the influence and there is a chance that the person was not guilty, it is important to think about alternatives when addressing the case to achieve a desirable result and get it behind them.

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