Teen arrested for child pornography

As Forsyth County parents know, teens are notorious for making bad decisions. Teens often don't think before they do something, putting them at risk of making bad decisions that will cost them for the rest of their lives. Many teenagers are obsessed with sex and spend time looking at porn online and sexting with other young people. Teenagers these days have a lot more access to these explicit images than ever before due to the Internet.

A Forsyth County teenager was recently arrested for child pornography. A teenager from Cumming was recently arrested due to a complaint that was filed on social media about him. The 18-year-old was allegedly found to possess child pornography images and videos on his cell phone. He has been charged with distribution of child pornography and child exploitation.

Parents of children who have been arrested for pornography are understandably horrified. Just the mere mention of child pornography can ruin a family's good personal and professional reputation. And in the court of public opinion, they are already guilty. A legal professional who specializes in criminal defense understands the uphill battle a family may face in court. They can fight to make sure their client's side of the story is heard. An attorney understands the forensic interviewing techniques the government uses and can review the evidence to look for any weaknesses. A child pornography conviction can ruin a teen's future. They may no longer be able to go to college, apply for scholarships or attend a professional school. An attorney understands the consequences and will fight to make sure their client's legal rights are protected.

Teenagers make mistakes; everyone knows this to be a fact. A criminal defense attorney with experience in sex crimes can help a family who is facing the criminal justice system understand what is going on and how their rights can be protected.

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