Man riding lawnmower arrested for DUI in Georgia

When there is an arrest for driving under the influence in Georgia, there might be a natural inclination to think that it can only happen when a person is driving a conventional motor vehicle or a motorcycle. However, people can face DUI charges and be confronted with the accompanying penalties for a conviction in a variety of circumstances. All can result in serious consequences that must be addressed.

According to recent reports, a man was arrested for DUI after law enforcement allegedly saw him riding his lawnmower on the road. The incident occurred at around noon. A deputy saw the man and stopped him after receiving a report of a driver who was under the influence. The man had stopped at an intersection when the officer approached. As he investigated, the officer stated that he smelled alcohol. The man riding the lawnmower said that he had just gone to the store to purchase some items, including beer.

The man had stated that he had consumed one beer earlier in the morning approximately three hours prior to the arrest. The officer administered field sobriety tests and placed the man under arrest. The man also reportedly had a suspended driver license, which also applies to a lawnmower when it is driven on the road. The man allegedly refused to submit to a breath test to determine his blood-alcohol concentration. He was arrested.

As this case shows, a DUI arrest can occur even in the most unexpected situations. Still, when there is a charge of DUI, it can lead to a variety of penalties, including jail, fines and lost driving privileges. When it is compounded by the person who was arrested already operating a vehicle with a suspended license and refusing a breath test, it amplifies the case by making it more serious. It is important to understand the potential defense options when a person is charged with DUI.

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