When charged with DUI in Georgia, legal help is essential

Because driving under the influence is such a danger on the road that law enforcement will make it a priority to seek out and arrest drivers who are committing DUI. When a person is arrested on DUI charges, there will inevitably be fear and worry as to what the future holds. Simply going out for an evening with friends can end in a jail cell with charges that could include jail time, fines and the loss of driving privileges, if there is a conviction. And, having a legal defense is imperative to combat the charges.

Regardless of a person's age, DUI can be problematic. If it is an established adult who has a job and a family, their life can be turned upside down by a DUI arrest. When it is a younger person or even a juvenile, a DUI can cost them their driver license, hinder their efforts to get accepted to certain schools, affect an attempt to join the military and be a negative when looking for a job. There are many effective strategies to defend against a DUI. A law firm that specializes in these matters and has experience helping a wide range of clients from all walks of life can assess the case and determine the ideal path to take.

Perhaps law enforcement initiated the traffic stop without justification. The breath test to determine the driver's blood-alcohol content could have been faulty. The officer might not have been certified to give the test. Or, the driver might have had an illness or some other issue that made it appear as if they were under the influence when they really were not. Even in difficult cases, it might be possible to reduce the charges or find an alternative sentence, such as treatment in lieu of punishment.

After an arrest on DUI charges, people might make the mistake of admitting wrongdoing or simply accept that they are going to be convicted and do not think about a viable defense. To do this can make matters worse. Before saying or doing anything that could end up as a regrettable decision, calling for advice from a DUI lawyer is essential. This is the first step to take after a DUI arrest.

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