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What are the penalties for a first conviction of DUI in Georgia?

In Cumming and throughout the state, drivers who are stopped in their vehicle by law enforcement and suddenly find themselves facing charges of driving under the influence will have many fears, questions and concerns as to what the future holds. Most people who are facing DUI charges have never had any legal trouble and are worried that they will be put in jail and have their entire lives upended by one alleged mistake.

When charged with DUI in Georgia, legal help is essential

Because driving under the influence is such a danger on the road that law enforcement will make it a priority to seek out and arrest drivers who are committing DUI. When a person is arrested on DUI charges, there will inevitably be fear and worry as to what the future holds. Simply going out for an evening with friends can end in a jail cell with charges that could include jail time, fines and the loss of driving privileges, if there is a conviction. And, having a legal defense is imperative to combat the charges.

Law enforcement officer arrested for DUI after traffic stop

The roads in Cumming and throughout Georgia can be dangerous. One known risk is encountering a driver who is under the influence. With that, law enforcement is constantly on the lookout for drivers who exhibit signs of committing DUI or are in locations where it is believed that people might have been drinking. Although DUI are serious, it does not necessarily mean that everyone who is stopped and arrested for it is guilty. Nor does it mean that the traffic stop was made according to legal protocol. Those who are arrested for DUI must remember their rights. This even applies to people who work in law enforcement and find themselves facing DUI charges.

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