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Explaining cybercrimes in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Sex Crimes |

The internet has become the lifeline of billions of people across the globe. Companies, schools, individuals and criminals use the internet regularly. That’s why criminals prey on the internet for new victims every single day. Cyber crimes are incredibly common and Cumming, Georgia, is not exempt from these crimes. Let’s take a look at the various types of cybercrimes out there and how victims fall prey to them.

Scams that are run on the internet are the most common type of cybercrime there is today. New scams pop up regularly. They are so intricate that they look real. That is why thousands of people fall for them, losing quite a bit of their savings or even all of it. These scams can include credit card fraud, investment fraud and internet auction fraud.

Phishing is another common cybercrime. Phishing has been around for a very long time. It even pre-dates the internet. These scams typically involve emails that mimic ones you would receive from legitimate people or businesses. The email usually asks for your personal information. Or, it provides a link for you to click that contains malware that can harm your computer.

Cybercrime can also include sex crimes. Sharing child pornography online is a cybercrime. Setting up illegal webcams and broadcasting the people on the camera is also a cybercrime. Soliciting sex using the internet is also considered a cybercrime.

Cybercrimes can cause victims to lose millions of dollars, especially if they are committed against businesses or large corporations. Be sure to protect yourself whenever you are online.

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