How will you build your drunk driving defense?

Drunk driving charges may arise many different ways, but all drunk driving charges should be met with strong scrutiny and a well built legal defense. Facing a DUI is not the same as facing some minor traffic violation, but some defendants choose to treat these charges with the same attention they might show to a ticket for speeding. Some drivers may even assume that penalties are lighter for first time offenders, so there is no great need to be fight the charges,which is simply handing the prosecution a gift-wrapped conviction.

Even when your charges arise from circumstances where you believe the evidence against you is quite strong, you should always look at the charges very carefully to identify any weaknesses in the officer's account or the evidence against you that you might exploit. In many cases, the officer's own conduct or negligence weakens the case against you significantly, which can help you fight for dismissal or at least a reduction in charges or punishment.

You may also have grounds to challenge the stop itself and whether the officer had grounds to pull you over in the first place. This defense is often much more effective than one might expect, and is at least worth exploring. Far too many defendants simply never take the time to go through their charges and identify the legal options they have available to fight back.

If you face DUI charges, do not wait another day to begin fighting for your freedom and defending your rights. The longer you wait, the more time that your prosecution team has to build its own case against you, which is their job each and every day. Be sure to treat these charges with the attention and resources that they deserve.

Source: FindLaw, "Defenses to Drunk Driving," accessed April 06, 2018

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