How to spot distracted drivers in Georgia

Distracted driving is a serious problem across the country, including the state of Georgia. Law enforcement agencies are doing everything possible to curb this issue as much as they can. Distracted driving can be very dangerous. It can also be deadly. Here's how you can spot distracted drivers on the roads of Georgia so you know when to get out of the way or safely off the road.

The biggest sign of a distracted driver is when a vehicle is having trouble staying off the dividing line of the road. For example, the driver in front of you continuously straddles the line in the middle of the road or the line on the shoulder. He or she might also wind up in oncoming traffic.

Another sign of distracted driving is when a vehicle sitting at a red light takes too long to resume driving when the light turns green. Drivers typically wait two or three seconds before accelerating from the stoplight. Any longer of a wait could be the sign of a distracted driver.

Distracted driving is also easy to spot when you find a vehicle that is constantly braking in front of you. The driver is likely not paying attention to what is happening around him or her , which causes the driver to brake often since he or she is closing in on vehicles in front of him or her.

It's never a good idea to try to get the attention of a distracted driver in Cumming, Georgia. You will want to stay as far away from the vehicle as possible for your own safety. Pull safely to the side of the road and call 911.

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