Jackknifed commercial trucks are not always liable in a claim

When a large commercial truck jackknifes, the damage can be immense. Many of us have seen this sort of devastation while driving down the highway as several vehicles and the contents of the truck's trailer are strewn across the median. Even in an accident that thankfully does not involve fatalities or serious injury, the property costs alone can be astronomical.

When it happens to you, of course, it may come as a surprise to learn that not all jackknifing incidents are the legal liability of the driver or some other party associated with the truck. Just like a consumer vehicle accident, the actions of several different drivers or some completely unrelated element may cause the accident. While the truck driver or the company who hired the truck may bear greater scrutiny in the accident, if some other driver caused the accident, or if the accident occurred because of an unrelated element like poor road design or maintenance, then the commercial truck may not hold legal responsibility for the damage.

This can prove particularly frustrating for those who suffer harm in the accident, because the coverages that the average auto insurance policy offers may only cover a small portion of the damages in a serious accident. If you recently suffered property damage or personal injury in a commercial truck jackknifing accident, it is important to carefully research whether or not the truck or some party related to it can be reasonably held liable.

Building a strong claim after a truck accident is no easy task, especially if there are conflicting opinions about who or what is to blame in the first place. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you examine your account and determine strong grounds for a claim to address your needs and keep your rights and priorities protected.

Source: FindLaw, "Truck Accident FAQ," accessed March 23, 2018

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