Keep yourself safe while sharing the road with commercial trucks

When consumer drivers share the road with a large commercial truck, the drivers must understand how to behave around such a large vehicle to keep themselves safe and avoid potentially catastrophic accidents. Many drivers do not realize just how different and challenging it is to drive a large commercial vehicle, and do not behave safely when driving near them.

Driving error leaves 7 injured after accident

A simple misunderstanding narrowly avoided disastrous consequences at Buford Highway's intersection with Ga. 400 recently when a two-car accident left seven people injured, one hospitalized and one vehicle overturned. The accident occurred when a woman attempted to turn left onto the Ga. 400 onramp, causing the other vehicle to strike her own and flip it over.

Parking lot car accidents

Car accidents can happen anywhere and produce serious injuries and property damage, even in places you might not expect. Many people don't realize that one of the most common places for car accidents to occur is not on high-speed roadway, but in a boring old parking lot. Parking lots actually hold significant dangers that many drivers don't recognize because the lots are so fundamentally different from roads.

Should I hide evidence against me?

In general, it is unwise to hide evidence against you or lie to an officer. It is far wiser to simply ask to speak to an attorney and refuse to say anything else about the matter. Obstruction of justice is a term that gets thrown around in many different contexts, from simple altercations with law enforcement to large scale investigations into some of the most powerful people in the world today. It is important to understand that obstruction of justice is a truly serious crime that may present heavy penalties to those who commit it.

Do you drive drowsy?

With the amount of time and effort put into informing the public of the dangers of drunk or drugged driving, it's strange to realize that another kind of impaired driving receives only a fraction of that same attention. In the United States, many individuals suffer serious or even fatal car accidents each year because of drowsy driving.

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