Can a minor face felony charges?

There are many misconceptions about how being a minor may affect the criminal charges a person can face. While minors may receive different sentencing than a legal adult for a similar charge, minors can absolutely face felony charges, and may even be at greater risk in some instances.

Recently, right here in Georgia, Valdosta police arrested a minor suspect in connection with a slew of car burglaries. If convicted, this young person could face serious penalties for these crimes. Unfortunately, minors often participate in activities such as burglary without having any solid understanding of the severity of those crimes and the potential punishments they might receive.

When minors receive a felony convictions, many opportunities they could receive in the future evaporate, and may never come available again. This is especially unfair when it comes to foolish behavior like property crimes that do no lasting damage to the victims but can change the course of the minor's life irreversibly.

If you or someone you know is a minor facing felony charges, it is crucial that you seek out the best criminal defense that you can find. In very real terms, your life depends on this defense. It is not wise to rely on the sympathy of the court or the prosecution, since it is their job to punish crimes, not dole out mercy.

Do not wait to seek out the guidance of an experienced attorney who can help defend your rights, your freedom and your future, no matter what charges you face. No one deserves to lose their entire life to a foolish mistake before they reach adulthood.

Source:, "Georgia minor charged with felony theft following car break-ins," Fletcher Keel, June 29, 2017

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