Georgia Supreme Court says family must arbitrate

It is always wise to consult with an experienced attorney before signing anything that may have far-reaching consequences. A Georgia family sadly learned this the hard way recently, when the state supreme court handed down a decision directing them to engage in arbitration over a wrongful death claim after several years of legal conflict over an signed agreement.

Car flees fatal crash on highway 400

Even though Cumming is the last major stop on the way up highway 400 before there's nothing but winding mountain roads and an outlet mall, the traffic can be epic. As a bedroom community on one of Atlanta's primary arteries, Cumming and the rest of Forsyth County are certainly familiar with how dangerous highway 400 can be. Sadly, the multilane beast claimed more victims recently in a tragic fatal hit-and-run accident.

Emory professor sentenced for child pornography

Sex crime charges can derail your entire life and dismantle your career, even after you serve a prison sentence or pay fines. The social stigma of sex crime charges is often so strong that simply being charged can present great difficulties to a defendant. A former professor at Emory University will face all these difficulties and more after being sentenced to serve more than six years of jail time and pay thousands of dollars in fines.

Expect a drunk driving crackdown on St. Patrick's Day

Next weekend, March Madness will come to a fever pitch as the NCAA Tournament takes center stage.  But we can’t forget about how popular St. Patrick’s Day can be. So while many will cheer on their favorite team, events and celebrations commemorating Irish heritage are still very popular.

School bus and car collide, six injured

Injury accidents can happen anywhere, especially when large vehicles are involved. Anyone who has spent time driving in the Northern Atlanta commuter communities knows that traffic can spike up quickly here and lead to trouble in a hurry if something goes wrong, or if a driver makes an error. Just such a situation played out recently in Cobb county.

Know the options for your DUI defense

When you are charged with drunk driving, your top priority is determining what defense options you have for your case. This isn't always something that is easy to determine, but we will work with you to explore the possibilities. We know that you aren't willing to just back and go down without a fight.

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