Designated drivers can face multiple unsafe distractions

Volunteering to be the designated driver, whether you're going out with a group or just with your significant other, is admirable. You are helping to ensure that both you and your friends get home safely. Many Georgia restaurants and other establishments even offer free soda and coffee to designated drivers.

What if child porn is discovered by a computer technician?

The recent case of a California doctor charged with having child pornography on his computer has brought to light a larger issue of relationships between Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and members of Best Buy's Geek Squad who repair and service customer computers. Technicians have reportedly been paid by the FBI when they turn over child porn they discover on customers' computers.

Don't take a chance on riding with someone who's been drinking

Many of our readers have probably seen the public service advertisements touting the message that "Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving." Of course, recognizing that someone has had too much to drink to drive safely may not be easy if they aren't showing signs of impairment such as slurring their words or stumbling.

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