Fatigued truck driving still a problem despite regulations

Last year, over 3,800 people died as the result of crashes that involved trucks. Just 16 percent of those fatalities were the truck drivers or others inside the trucks. A whopping 69 percent were people in passenger vehicles. Fifteen percent were motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. These last two groups are at a significant disadvantage in a collision with these giant vehicles.

Know your rights if stopped for suspected DUI

When most people are pulled over for suspected drunk driving, they're frightened, nervous and likely intimidated by the law enforcement officer(s) who stopped them. If they have been drinking, even a little, their judgment may be impaired. Therefore, when officers ask them to comply with performing field sobriety tests, they generally do.

Winter weather brings increasing risk of truck crashes

Even here in the southeast, winter weather can be unpredictable. In fact, a snow or ice storm can be more dangerous in a state like Georgia where drivers aren't used to them than in states where they're a regular part of winter driving. In recent years, weather throughout the country has been more unpredictable than ever.

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