Distracted driving a major cause of parking lot crashes

Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, many holiday shoppers still prefer the experience of going to the local mall. As we head into the Christmas shopping season, here's an important fact that most people probably don't know: 20 percent of car crashes occur in parking lots and parking garages.

3-car crash involves 2 Georgia government vehicles

A Georgia Department of Corrections employee, a Forsyth County sheriff's deputy and a civilian were involved in a three-vehicle crash on the morning of Nov. 16 near Lake Lanier. Two of the three drivers were injured, and all three vehicles suffered serious damage. Fortunately, the injuries weren't reported to be life-threatening.

State efforts have increased arrests for child exploitation

Georgia authorities have teamed up to deal with the growing problem of child exploitation in our state, with positive results, they say. As teens and even children are increasingly using the internet, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, often unsupervised, they can become targets of predators.

What are your voting rights after a felony conviction?

It's a widely-held misconception that a person who has been convicted of a felony never again has the right to vote. Often, that misconception is spread within prisons. Many people stop voting after they're released from prison because they believe that they're no longer allowed to.

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