Dedicated advocacy for the victims of truck crashes

As most people make their way to work, school, the store or other everyday destinations via the highways, they generally aren't too concerned by the many trucks traveling in their immediate vicinity. That's because they trust that those behind the wheels of these mechanical behemoths are both competent and conscientious.

Why drug sales charges must be taken seriously

While there are a handful of states known for having relatively harsh drug laws on their books, the state of Georgia often stands apart from even this group thanks its exceptionally stringent stance toward narcotics. Indeed, those charged with drug crimes ranging from possession to distribution will face the very real possibility of lengthy prison sentences.

Truck-school bus crash kills 15-year-old, injures multiple others

An accident involving a tractor-trailer and a school bus on Aug. 29 claimed the life of a 15-year-old Valdosta, Georgia, girl. Additionally, 20 of the nearly 30 Lowndes High School students on board, as well as the bus driver, were injured. The crash occurred on Interstate 75 in Valdosta as the students were en route to their school.

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