Restrictions on gun ownership

Owning guns in America is a complicated issue, and one that many people feel very strongly about. Depending on the state in which you live, gun laws may be more strict or more lax, but some requirements or restrictions exist at the federal level, too. Certain types of firearms and firearm accessories or devices require passing background checks and registry with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). Failure to comply with the law may lead to serious consequences and even jail time.

What if I open someone else's mail?

We often take the postal service for granted, or even view it with annoyance for filling our mailboxes with loads of advertisements that we'll never read. However, the postal service is still an important institution, one with a surprising amount of power as a federal entity. To this end, crimes involving the postal service are generally federal offenses. Only in some certain circumstances is opening someone else's mail acceptable.

Is robbery a felony in Georgia?

If you recently received robbery charges in Georgia, then you may be facing some very serious penalties. Robbery is considered a fairly serious crime, and depending on the type of robbery charge you receive, you may face decades in prison.

Tennis coach faces possession charges

Not only can drug possession charges bring you the possibility of fines and jail time, they may also affect your professional life severely — even if the drugs in question are prescription drugs. An assistant men's tennis coach for University of Georgia experienced just this scenario recently after he turned himself in to authorities following the police charging him with felony possession of a controlled substance.

Can a minor face felony charges?

There are many misconceptions about how being a minor may affect the criminal charges a person can face. While minors may receive different sentencing than a legal adult for a similar charge, minors can absolutely face felony charges, and may even be at greater risk in some instances.

Can I receive charges for posting pictures on social media?

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, but in some cases, a picture might be worth several years of your life behind bars. This is particularly true if you post pictures of yourself doing something illegal to social media, but in some cases, you may not even have to be in the picture to suffer the consequences.

What is the 3 strikes rule?

Thanks to the abundance of criminal and courtroom procedurals on television, everybody thinks they know what a felony is. While this may be true to an extent, felonies can be surprisingly complex and serious -- even more so than one might think. We generally expect that felonies to carry stiffer penalties, but some people have no idea just how much more severe these penalties can be.

What is involuntary manslaughter in Georgia?

Georgia, like all states, maintains its own set of laws that govern how it approaches various crimes. Even very serious crimes that classify as felonies may carry different definitions and penalties in neighboring states. One charge that is frequently misunderstood is involuntary manslaughter. So, what exactly is involuntary manslaughter?

Georgia councilman faces felony drug charges

A North Georgia city official is facing felony charges after allegedly attempting to buy drugs from undercover local law enforcement. The city councilman, who had served for nearly 15 years, became the subject of a local sting operation after the town's Sheriff claims he heard that the councilman was looking for certain prescription drugs without a prescription.

What are your voting rights after a felony conviction?

It's a widely-held misconception that a person who has been convicted of a felony never again has the right to vote. Often, that misconception is spread within prisons. Many people stop voting after they're released from prison because they believe that they're no longer allowed to.

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