Filing your own accident report without police

If you experience a car accident where another driver strikes you, you probably know that you should wait at the scene of the accident for a police officer to arrive and create an accident report. Accident reports are very useful any time you have to file a claim, whether it is with your own insurer or against another driver.

Delayed pain deserves proper medical attention

If you recently suffered a car accident and only just began to feel some form of pain, you should seek out professional medical attention as soon as possible. When you experience delayed pain after an accident, it can indicate a variety of injuries, some of which can lead to long-term damage or even death if left untreated

Do I need a lawyer to help with an insurance claim?

After you experience a car accident, especially if you suffered injuries, you can't wait on an insurance company to go through their lengthy claim process to begin treatment and recovery. Whether the claim is made to your own insurer or the insurer of another driver, insurance providers are often more concerned with protecting corporate profits than protecting their customers. While this is not always the case, when you are injured, you can't afford the time or cost of waiting to find out if the insurer addressing your claim will make your care a priority without trying to save money at your expense.

Car flees fatal crash on highway 400

Even though Cumming is the last major stop on the way up highway 400 before there's nothing but winding mountain roads and an outlet mall, the traffic can be epic. As a bedroom community on one of Atlanta's primary arteries, Cumming and the rest of Forsyth County are certainly familiar with how dangerous highway 400 can be. Sadly, the multilane beast claimed more victims recently in a tragic fatal hit-and-run accident.

School bus and car collide, six injured

Injury accidents can happen anywhere, especially when large vehicles are involved. Anyone who has spent time driving in the Northern Atlanta commuter communities knows that traffic can spike up quickly here and lead to trouble in a hurry if something goes wrong, or if a driver makes an error. Just such a situation played out recently in Cobb county.

The dangers of eating and drinking while driving

As Americans get increasingly overscheduled, it's not unusual to drink our coffee on the way to work or stop at a drive-thru for lunch on the way back to the office after running errands. While there aren't specific laws against eating or drinking non-alcoholic beverages while driving, these activities can be dangerous.

Designated drivers can face multiple unsafe distractions

Volunteering to be the designated driver, whether you're going out with a group or just with your significant other, is admirable. You are helping to ensure that both you and your friends get home safely. Many Georgia restaurants and other establishments even offer free soda and coffee to designated drivers.

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